14:45 18.06.2022

Denys Tyshchenko predicted the apocalypse of the cryptocurrency market: he was selling while everyone was buying and now he is buying while everyone is selling

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When Bitcoin was $50,000, Denys Tyshchenko, a trader and cryptocurrency expert with over 7 years of experience, said that it would inevitably go down.

In January 2022, when none of the experts and traders said that Bitcoin could drop to $20,000, someone didn’t believe, someone didn’t understand, maybe someone concealed this information, but Denys Tyshchenko covered his forecast not only among his students (today there are already more than 4,000 people), his IronInvest team, but also publicly announced on his Instagram page and on his Telegram channel. Is it courageously, isn’t it? How well his community was able to earn on the fall of Bitcoin, while the rest were losing thousands, millions and billions of US dollars!

In February 2022, seeing how people were buying Bitcoin at $30,000, Denys Tyshchenko wrote on his Instagram page that they were not buying what they needed, and then they would sell it cheaper. And so it happened.

At the time when Bitcoin was $40,000, Denys Tyshchenko showed in detail that it went to $46,000 - $48,000, and from $46,000 - $48,000 it went to $24,000 - $22,000 (Denys reported on March 16, 2022 on his Telegram channel).

Thanks to the colossal experience and understanding of the market, all Denys Tyshchenko's forecasts turned out to be true.


Denys teaches talented guys who want to earn money. Moreover, he tells his community all the detailed signals and forecasts for free. For six months, Denys warned and advised those who didn’t have experience in working in the cryptocurrency market to leave the market so as not to lose a lot. Who wanted to hear, those heard it. 

Now Denys Tyshchenko continues to teach his team, telling and showing what is happening in the market, where it is better to buy, why the cryptocurrency will go to the top, explains how large players are hunting for venture funds.

At this stage, Denys Tyshchenko and his team recommend to buy Bitcoin from $17,000 to $7,000 - $8,000 where it can fall; and wait, because then, according to Denys's forecasts, there will be an increase of 40% - 50%, and then Bitcoin will not grow very quickly.

“There will not be much growth this year, however, the next global cycle — Bitcoin will cost more than $250,000, because this is the cyclical nature of history on the market,” says Denys Tyshchenko.

If you want to make money under any conditions: the market collapses or flourishes, join Denys's team and stay up to date with all the events in the field of cryptocurrency!

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