13:07 17.06.2021

GoBeauty Studios success story: from new business stream in Ukraine to successful brand

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GoBeauty Studios success story: from new business stream in Ukraine to successful brand


The times when high-quality beauty services were available only to a select few are long gone. Now in every big city there are hundreds of salons and thousands of private specialists. The beauty industry is developing rapidly, becoming more and more in demand. The GoBeauty Studios service has offered a new approach to organizing the workflow of professionals who work for themselves. As a result, 11 salons of a new format appeared in Ukraine and the network continues to grow.

GoBeauty Studios: an easy start in the beauty industry

The beauty industry in 2021 is distinguished by its openness and versatility. You can get a profession in this area in a period of several weeks to 2-3 months. Countless courses and guides can be found on the Internet. However, it is quite difficult for a young master to start a career. Without experience, he will not be accepted into a respectable salon, and an independent start requires significant financial investments.

Realizing this, the creators of GoBeauty Studios offered private beauty specialists a fundamentally different approach:

  • The master rents an individual office in one of the locations of the GoBeauty Studios network.
  • We provide services in a comfortable office equipped with all the necessary furniture.
  • We provide advertising services and give the opportunity to increase the client base.


The specialist does not need to buy expensive furniture or look for premises to rent. GoBeauty Studios takes care of all these issues. You can start working immediately after signing the contract and making payment for the first month. Simple, fast, transparent!

    Thanks to this algorithm, a master can start his own business without a large start-up capital, and clients can find a professional near their home. Today, GoBeauty Studios has the following directions:

  • cosmetology and massage;
  • hairdressing services;
  • nail services;
  • brow and lash art;
  • make-up.

The GoBeauty Studios team is also involved in promotion. The locations are actively advertised, and brand information is disseminated through various channels. The first studios appeared in Kyiv, and a beauty coworking opened in Zaporizhia last year.

The company is not going to be satisfied with what has already been achieved. Plans for the near future include expanding the network of locations. Maybe GoBeauty Studios will soon appear in your city!