18:30 29.07.2021

Rudyk: All delegates admitted to Holos party congress

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KYIV. July 29 (Interfax-Ukraine) – All delegates were admitted to the congress of the Holos party, leader of the political force Kira Rudyk said.

"All delegates were admitted to the congress, we had a credentials committee, which was just checking the availability of documents and all preliminary preparations. All delegates who wanted to take part in the congress took part in it, representatives of 22 regions," Rudyk told Interfax-Ukraine in Kyiv on Thursday.

In turn, member of the political council of the Holos party Andriy Osadchuk said that two guests from each regional organization were invited to the congress, who could accompany the congress delegate, since the premises for the congress did not allow physically accommodating a larger number of guests.

"We have been communicating about this for the last, probably, a week and a half with all regional organizations, and indeed, all regional organizations, except for Lviv one, reacted with understanding to this. And only Lviv organization really brought with it a little more people, who simply did not physically have where to place in the room where the congress was held," he said.

Osadchuk also said that a new version of the party's statute was adopted at the congress, on which they had been working for almost five months.

"It was a difficult five months of political struggle, attempts to attack the party, etc. But, nevertheless, we came out with a document that today was supported by the congress and, I sincerely hope, which can give a significant impetus for the further development of the party," he said.

According to the MP, the ideological foundations of the party were improved and concretized.

"At the moment, after today's vote at the congress, the main goal of the party's activities is as follows. This is the development of Ukraine as a liberal democratic republic, dominated by democracy, the rule of law, a free market economy without preferential administrative advantages, where economic growth and the ability of every person to realize itself, where the long-term security of the people of Ukraine and every citizen is guaranteed through Ukraine's membership in NATO," Osadchuk said.

He said that in the first place in the tasks of the party is the preservation and protection of the constitutional order, the development of Ukrainian state institutions and advancement towards the security system of the Euro-Atlantic alliance.

According to him, the statute also provides that at least 50% of the members of the political council represent the regions. In addition, changes to the statute transferred all powers between congresses from the head of the party to the political council.

"We have ensured the complete independence of the process of nominating candidates for MPs and participation in the political process from the sole will of the head of the party, as it was before," Osadchuk said.