19:31 30.10.2020

Situation with Constitutional Court requires wise decision – political scientist

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KYIV. Oct 30 (Interfax-Ukraine) – In the issue of the Constitutional Court of Ukraine, a wise decision is needed, which would not destroy the existing institutions of power, Director of the Institute of Global Strategies Vadym Karasev has said.

"There is something to think about, here we should not rush, we need a wise decision. It is needed to convene the Verkhovna Rada [...] It is impossible to make any balanced, consolidated decisions without leaders of factions in the Verkhovna Rada [...] Impromptu decisions based on emotions do not always bring success, and we need success," Karasev said during a roundtable conference at the Interfax-Ukraine agency on Friday.

He said that unconscious actions can completely destroy existing institutions and provoke chaos in the country.

"Yes, they are flimsy, fragile, corrupt, but nevertheless these are institutions, these are authorized agencies," Karasev said.

In his opinion, the president, before playing out the "tough scenario," needs to analyze "you will lose it and get another powerful blow to your reputation and your organization."

"I am concerned about the issue, have they considered their possibilities or not," the expert said.

According to Karasev, decisions should be made with respect to certain judges of the Constitutional Court if they are suspected of corruption.

"If they say that the Constitutional Court is corrupt, that everyone there is corrupt, then it is necessary to fight with certain corrupt judges, and not with the court, as with an institution, if there is such information, there are relevant agencies and let them work with relevant statements, work with judges, and not in court," Karasev said.

According to political scientist, head of the board of the Penta Center for Applied Political Research Volodymyr Fesenko "this is Zelensky's banal struggle for survival."

According to him, the president is forced to respond to pressure from the West.

"Here it is needed to react, but how to react," the political scientist said.

He also said that Ukraine has already developed a tradition to get out of the political crisis "through political and legal decisions as was in 2004, 2007."

Fesenko also said that the coalition is currently fragmented, although they are united by a desire to weaken Zelensky.

Expert at the Hardarika Strategic Consulting Corporation Kostiantyn Matviyenko agrees with Head of the Constitutional Court Oleksandr Tupytsky, that the president's bill proposing to terminate the powers of the Constitutional Court has signs of a constitutional coup.