19:32 05.08.2020

TeleTrade protects business reputation following info attack

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KYIV. Aug 5 (Interfax-Ukraine) – The international financial company TeleTrade has undergone an information attack and will defend its business reputation both in the media space and by legal methods, the partner of the Sayenko Kharenko law firm, Yevhen Solodko, representing the interests of the company, says.

"On July 28, there was a press conference of allegedly deceived TeleTrade investors, who spoke a lot of negatives about the company and stated that they call on law enforcement agencies to investigate certain things," he said at a press conference in the Interfax-Ukraine agency.

At the same time, Solodko noted that the information announced about the alleged deception lacks any specific details.

"The assumptions made by the speakers of that press conference, at which the victims were not yet clear, to put it mildly, may contain signs of such a crime as a deliberately false report of the crime," the lawyer said, explaining that the persons who called themselves victims did not specify particular illegal facts and the amounts they were allegedly deceived.

"It is vilification... with a thread of war with the Russian Federation that TeleTrade allegedly finances. This is a serious enough charge," the lawyer added.

Solodko said that Volodymyr Chernobay, the only founder of TeleTrade, passed away over a year ago and had no partners.

"There's a question rising: whose attack is this? People who want to grab assets from the Chernobay family, or it's a common forcible takeover with the use of dishonest technologies and pseudo-complainants," the lawyer said.

"As the person who is authorized to represent and defend TeleTrade, I will do so... We thoroughly analyze the statements of the press conference participants and based on the analysis we will take actions - not only civil but criminal as well," the lawyer said.

According to Solodko, there is no corporate conflict in TeleTrade itself.

"Therefore, it is a merely external information wave for TeleTrade to make an offer to someone ... So there goes a mailing according to the list of clients, then - to employees ... What is happening now is a well-orchestrated black media attack to undermine the company's reputation, the trust of clients," he said.

"What we're doing now is a defense: it is not a reputation whitening... not an excuse... to bring dishonest speakers and customers to responsibility later," the lawyer added:

"The company will protect its honor, not only by legal but by media methods as well," Solodko summed up.