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Defense Ministry publishes major amendments to law on mobilization coming into force on May 18

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Defense Ministry publishes major amendments to law on mobilization coming into force on May 18

The Ministry of Defense of Ukraine has published major amendments to the law on mobilization, affecting both military personnel and civilian citizens of Ukraine. The law on mobilization with new amendments, adopted by parliament and signed by the President of Ukraine, will come into force on May 18.

Thus, among the duties of citizens of Ukraine it is indicated:

During mobilization, men from 18 to 60 years of age are required to have a military registration document with them and present it at the request of authorized persons;

Clarification of credentials through administrative service centers or an electronic account;

Appearing when called to the Territorial Centres of Recruitment and Social Support for military registration, medical examination, determination of appointment for a special period;

Notification of the reasons for non-arrival within a certain period;

Mandatory arrival at assembly points when called or summonsed;

Providing property, buildings, transport to the Armed Forces, other military formations, civil defense forces with compensation for the cost by the government;

Conscripts and reservists must be assigned to military units or formations for service;

Prohibition of sending outside Ukraine or transferring vehicles intended for replenishment of the Armed Forces of Ukraine;

Possible involvement in defense work and implementation of mobilization tasks.

Registration of an electronic account of a conscript, a person liable for military service or a reservist (optional).

Penalties for failure to fulfill duties during mobilization:

The Territorial Centres of Recruitment and Social Support's head contacts the police for administrative detention and delivery of the citizen;

If detention is impossible, the Territorial Centres of Recruitment and Social Support's head sends the citizen a letter of recommendation requiring him to fulfil his duties;

The form and content of the requirement are determined by the Ministry of Defense. The day of delivery of the demand is the day of receipt or refusal of receipt;

If the obligations are not fulfilled within ten days, the Territorial Centres of Recruitment and Social Support goes to court to temporarily restrict the right to drive vehicles until the demand is fulfilled or withdrawn.

The court makes a decision;

The requirement is considered fulfilled after the citizen fulfills his duties, withdrawn – after the completion of mobilization.

The Territorial Centres of Recruitment and Social Support issues a document confirming the fulfillment of the requirement or sends a notification of fulfillment of the requirement to the relevant authorities.

A deferment from conscription for military service during mobilization is granted to the following categories of citizens:

Reserved for the authorities and are on special military registration;

Persons with disabilities I, II, III or temporarily unfit for service due to health reasons;

Families with three or more children under 18 years of age, single parents;

Adoptive parents, guardians of orphans and children deprived of parental care;

Persons caring for sick family members. Persons liable for military service of the first degree of kinship in a family where there are members with disabilities of groups I and II;

Members of families where there were those killed or missing during the anti-terrorist operation and other defense measures, members of the families of fallen Heroes of Ukraine from among the Heavenly Hundred;

Persons studying full-time or dual education, scientists and scientific pedagogical workers;

Government officials, MPs, judges, government members, military officials;

Diplomatic officers, civil servants in the field of cybersecurity and IT (apparatus of the Verkhovna Rada, Cabinet of Ministers, Public Administration);

Other persons specified by law.

Persons liable for military service may be accepted for military service under a contract with their consent, even if they are included in the category of persons entitled to a deferment.

The deferment can be issued through the Unified State Register of Conscripts, Persons liable for Military Service and Reservists based on data from other state registers.

To be booked:

Persons liable for military service in public agencies, local governments of categories "A" (all), "B" and "C" (up to 50%);

In national security agencies, law enforcement agencies, courts, justice institutions and other government services;

At mobilization enterprises and those critical to the economy and defense, including the ultimate beneficial owners.

The procedure for reserving other categories of military personnel, enterprises, institutions and organizations is established by legislation and regulations of the Cabinet of Ministers of Ukraine; includes criteria, a list of positions and professions, booking volumes.

Military registration:

Conscripts. Citizens of Ukraine under the age of 25 who have undergone a medical examination, arrived from abroad or from other parts of Ukraine, acquired Ukrainian citizenship, and have completed their service or sentence;

Persons liable for military service. Persons discharged from military service who had special ranks (police, prosecutors);

Reservists. Enlisted in the military operational reserve or entered into a contract to serve in the military reserve.

Removal from military registration:

Conscripts who have reached the age of 25 are called up for service, having completed basic combined arms training, or sent to alternative service;

Persons liable for military service who moved to another area, were called up for service, sent to alternative service, or assigned to the military operational reserve;

Reservists who moved to another area, were called up for service, accepted into service in civil protection bodies and units, have reached the age limit for serving in the reserve.

Exception from military registration: deceased citizens, recognized as missing or declared dead, ceased citizenship of Ukraine, declared unfit for military service, who have reached the age limit for being in the reserve.

The bill introduces basic military training and eliminates conscription. Thus, male Ukrainian citizens (females – voluntarily), 18-25 years old, who are fit for health reasons, must undergo military training.

The referral process includes: a medical examination, professional and psychological selection, a commission meeting, and arrival to receive a summons at the territorial center to be sent for training. The organization is carried out by district administrations and territorial centers in cooperation with local governments.

Valid reasons for non-arrival: natural disasters, illness, death of loved ones. In case of non-arrival, the citizen must notify the territorial center within three days.

Basic service lasts up to five months in peacetime and during special periods, except in martial law. So, basic training – up to three months; professional training – up to two months. During martial law – up to three months. Basic training – one month or more.

In addition, it is indicated that the military transport duty is established in order to meet the needs of the Armed Forces of Ukraine for a special period. The obligation applies to public agencies, local governments, enterprises and citizen owners of transport. Transport is attracted through territorial centers, the Central Administration or regional bodies of the SBU.

The Ministry of Internal Affairs and the Ministry of Community Development and Infrastructure provide information on transport suitable for replenishing the Armed Forces of Ukraine. During general mobilization, restrictions are established on the dispatch, transfer of ownership rights and other actions with transport that may be involved in the Armed Forces of Ukraine.

The full list of changes is available in the schedule on the website of the Ministry of Defense https://www.mil.gov.ua/news/2024/04/24/zakon-pro-mobilizacziyu-yaki-zmini-uhvaliv-parlament/.