16:26 09.04.2014

NTCU to broadcast debates of presidential candidates in Ukraine

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The National Television Company of Ukraine (NTCU) is planning to broadcast debates between all of the candidates for president of Ukraine, NTCU Director General Zurab Alasaniya has said.

"We'll organize debates during the presidential race," he said at a press conference hosted by Interfax-Ukraine on Wednesday.

Alasaniya said that the first stage of the debates will not have the usual format, but will involve experts and an audience. The debates will launch after April 22.

The director general said he would ask the Central Election Commission to permit audience polling on the First National TV channel.

The second stage of the debates will be a standard one. The potential heads of the state will address the audience, directly to the voters, but not address each other directly.

Alasaniya also reported that there will be dismissals at the UT-1 channel, but they won't affect employees who do their job professionally.

"I don't mean that I'll bring my team, nothing like that is to happen. It depends whether a person can work or not," he said. "The main aim we're going for is a public television station," Alasaniya said.

However, the NTCU won't focus on ratings.

"The public TV station should enter the top five, but seeking the top place is for commercial stations," he added.