17:59 10.05.2022

Attention: a person disappeared in Mariupol, please help in the search ("Find your loved ones", 05/09/2022)

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Attention! A man has disappeared in Donetsk regions. Please help us find:

1. Vasilyuk Miroslav Ivanovich, born April 25, 1997 He was wounded in Mariupol, had to be evacuated on 03/31/2022. Last contact was 03/30/22. Distinguishing marks: a mole in the middle of his forehead, a leopard tattoo on his right arm.

Vasilyuk Miroslav Ivanovich

If you have any information about Miroslav's whereabouts, please call:

+380639227659 (sister Vasilyuk Snezhana Ivanovna).


We ask citizens whose relatives do not get in touch to send us all the information. We recommend using the following contact form:
1. Full name of the missing person;
2. Your contact details;
3. Photo of the missing person, description of special features;
4. Approximate place of the last stay of the missing person.

The "Find your loved ones" project is non-commercial, all your appeals will be edited and published free of charge in the media.

We invite colleagues from the media to join the initiative!

The project coordinator is Maxim Urakin, deputy head of the Interfax-Ukraine news agency and publisher of the Open4Business project.

Send information about the missing by e-mail maksim.urakin@gmail.com