12:27 01.12.2021

BDO in Ukraine terminates its partnership with SAP

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BDO global network recently reported that office of BDO in Germany (BDO AG Wirtschaftspruefungsgesellschaf) won the tender for the audit contract with an international corporation, software producer SAP. 

We would like to recall that at the annual shareholders’ meeting the Board of Directors of SAP, — the developer of software and provider of consulting services, — recommended BDO as the new auditor for the fiscal year 2023. BDO proved its top-grade experience and a modern innovative audit concept, which influenced the final choice of SAP.

However, this made some changes to the work of BDO in Ukraine as since December 1, 2021, in order to ensure the independence of the audit assignment, BDO Consulting LLC terminates its partnership with SAP. We recall that since 2016 BDO Consulting has been a Certified partner of SAP in implementing ERP systems, licensing and localizing SAP Business One at the Ukrainian market.  

We are changing the format of our cooperation with SAP and from now on our status changes from "partner" to "customer" of SAP.  

Due to all these changes BDO in Ukraine has agreed on a strategic partnership with Ageless company and we are transferring own intellectual property — addons for SAP Business One — to a new partner to meet the needs of existing customers and develop the SAP B1 ERP system in Ukraine. 

The President of BDO in Ukraine, Alla Ivanovna Savchenko, comments on the news:  

“I believe that all changes are for the good. BDO keeps its strategy in introducing innovative digital technologies for our customers, so we will continue to implement complex software products and contribute to the digital development of Ukrainian business. We are grateful to the SAP Ukraine's team for their fruitful cooperation and wish them success in the future!" 

Thoughts of the Head of Advisory of BDO in Ukraine, Andrey Borenkov on further steps:  

“We are leaving the business in which we have invested a lot and thanks to which we have contributed to the development of the ERP market for medium businesses in Ukraine. Despite the fact that in the future we will not work with SAP as a partner, the years of cooperation with SAP have given us a good experience and understanding of the needs of our customers in the field of digitalization, automation of accounting and processes, and methodology. We plan to develop this experience and offer our existing and potential customers new solutions and services both in the field of CRM and ERM implementation, and in outsourcing, business intelligence and automation.” 

For five years of cooperation between BDO in Ukraine and SAP there were many successful cases, since «BDO Consulting» implementation and methodology team provided not only basic automation for the client's business (for example, management of settlements with customers and suppliers, finances, inventory and production accounting), but also modified system and forms, and developed individual modules in constant interaction with the client to better meet existing needs.

For example, together with the client Family Garden, the team of BDO in Ukraine developed an agricultural module, which is unique in SAP Business One ecosystem, and significantly simplified the planning and control processes in agriculture activities.

For one of the investment funds, BDO modified its own localization to automatically convert reports under the National Standards to US GAAP that simplified the process of submitting reports to the parent company.

In general, customers emphasized out that within the first months after ERP system implementation, employees’ time savings was up to 15%, and the overall efficiency of resource use increased significantly.

Despite the end of partnership between BDO in Ukraine and SAP, customers would to be able to purchase the developed addons and get high-quality support from the specialists of Ageless company. Moreover, BDO in Ukraine will continue to be a confident user of SAP Business One ERP system. 

Expect new Digital solutions from BDO in Ukraine.  

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