16:31 22.02.2019

Flat broke or how to stop scrimping on everything

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The psychologists have studied the most common mistakes of people who ‘do their best’ to become successful and financially independent. What are they doing wrong?

In our world, rich people outnumber the poor ones. It’s a well-known fact. Some try to fix their distressful situation others adapt to the cruel reality. The AIF portal has published an article, in which a physiologist Maksim Sumarokov talks about measures we should take to stop scrimping on everything.


We all heard the stories about people who struggled all their life, but the next day they won a jackpot and became millionaires. They think that everything is going to change now. But they are wrong! Some things will be different, but these are nothing but relative changes. Indeed, some money can solve some serious problems but they won’t change your mentality and your view of life. It’s not hard to guess that if the mentality is the same the wealth fortune won’t last long. When such people wake up rich, a great deal of money slips away, and thus they fail to succeed. In most cases, such stories end sadly: A man comes back to his initial financial state in no time.

There are plenty of examples. In these days on the Internet more often than not, we come across stories about people who won a substantial sum of money in a popular online casino like here. But are you sure they are still rich? We don’t think so. Experience shows that the gain from online casinos is a temporary solution for financial problems. Usually, after some time these old hand millionaires come back to such places. Probably, because there is no money left from their previous visit. It’s all about their mentality.


If you don’t change your mentality your poor situation won’t change either. As of today, only 1% of the whole population of the world may be considered rich, informs KOMSOMOLSKAYA PRAVDA. Even if we go back to USSR and share all money of the world equally the poor will remain poor and the rich will remain rich. Why is that? It’s all about mentality initially targeted at a certain result.

Let’s have a history flashback. As you remember, in 1927 Florentine Cadastre was drawn up that gave an idea of income inequality in Florence. According to this document at that time 2% of Florentine families owned over half of all property. Today the situation is hardly any different: For example, in the USA, China and Russia the same 2% of population own over half of the national treasure. What conclusion can we make? It’s all quite simple: Wealth and success do not depend on nationality, faith and education. Only correct perception of the world can help you become rich and successful. Winning mindset is very important in this case. Such people won’t be content with what they have and work only for money. They will be looking for ways to increase their income.


The sad truth is that very few people have a financial plan for a certain period and even if they do it was probably made by third parties: Government, employer or a company. And since this plan was made by someone else, it means that it’s definitely not aimed at the realisation of your goals. In this case, your personal interests and wishes are at the bottom of the list and sometimes they are not considered at all. You take a back seat in this show and work to achieve someone’s goals, making money for anyone, but yourself. Make your own plan! You can keep working for hire but make sure that a part of your income is working for you.


“I can’t afford this”, “I’m not like them”, “I can’t do it”... There are many excuses for your lack of action. It’s true that it’s not easy to get a grip on yourself and find a good opportunity but it’s possible. Usually, people with a good mentality and spirit are the first to react. They don’t see only what they want to see, but what their mind is capable to comprehend. Take a broader view of your problems and the world in general. Analyse your mistakes and do your best to fix them.


Don’t spare money and time on your personal development! The unknown tends to fade away and never become famous. 90% will take this fact for granted. While the other 10% will try to understand this. These people will succeed by overcoming difficulties and risks just to satisfy their curiosity.

There are thousands of possibilities around us. The only problem is that we can’t see them and unlock their potential. There are tons of examples when someone misses an opportunity and says with a sorrowful sigh ‘Heh! If I only knew it then ...’ But when an opportunity is spotted on time, it becomes a story of success. It is all around the newspapers, television and the internet. Millions of people wish they could do it too. But as Leonardo da Vinci said: ‘There are those who see, those who see when they are shown and those who do not see.’ Only you can decide which one to be.


Motivation is everything! This is truly the driving force to achieve your goals. The chances to get what you want without motivation are rather poor. It doesn’t matter what your purpose is. Someone wants to start his business, other wants buying an apartment and someone dreams of travelling the world. Everyone has their own goals. But none of this will happen if you don’t find your motivation. People often stop halfway because their enthusiasm stops burning. In other words, they have poor motivation.

First of all, you should understand that nothing comes at once. The journey to your goal may take you a couple of years. The time spent on achieving your goal usually depends on the goal itself. Don’t give up and don’t settle for less against all odds!