10:15 01.05.2024

Ordering clothing wholesale from Turkey has become more accessible

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How has the wholesale market in Turkey changed, what trends exist in the development of wholesale clothing sales, and what to expect next? The opinion of a wholesale buyer in Istanbul, Lyudmila Gritsenko, from the platform https://opt-istanbul.com/.

My first wholesale purchase for my retail store was back in 2017, and it amounted to about $15,000 for children's clothing. 

At that time, there were many limitations: some companies sold clothing wholesale starting from $1,000 and above, and everyone aimed for larger wholesale purchases. Now, you can order even a single size range, and you will be sold it at approximately the same wholesale price. However, shipping a single size range is not always profitable for the seller, simply to arrange and send it to your country, especially if the product is not very expensive. Although there are stores that can do this. We used to fly to Turkey and understood that to justify the flight, accommodation, and movement in the country, we needed to buy a significant amount of goods, and the costs of purchases were spread over the entire batch. Now there is no need to even fly: you can buy goods online, just by contacting and evaluating each purchase via video communication, clarifying all the details. We provide such an opportunity: our clients call us, we select the goods, send videos from the purchase itself. We work individually with the client at a distance. And this costs about 10% of the purchase price. For example, if you want to buy a trial batch for $300, then you will pay only $30 to the company for selecting the goods, buying, and sending them to your country. Agree, this is cheaper than flying to Turkey, this is cheaper than a transfer from Istanbul airport to a hotel in the markets of Laleli or Merter. 


Market trends indicate a transition to smaller but more frequent wholesale purchases. Now they order less, but more often. In some segments of production, there is a loss of quality: if earlier from a batch of $15,000, we usually found a maximum of one size range with defects, now there may be much more defects. There are factories whose production we have complaints about 40-50% of size ranges. And it is important to understand what you get from cooperation with us in Turkey: your clothing procurement specialist who is on your side. This is the principle of our company https://opt-istanbul.com/. There are different approaches to the work of buyers in the market. Some lure by simply selling the cheapest goods of questionable quality. Some claim that this is an easy business, just to buy goods from them. We are focused on those who will buy constantly, on those who already know how to sell, or at least understand that buying goods and earning on them is not the same thing.

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