15:13 24.04.2024

Free consultation with plastic surgeon from ADONIS

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Plastic surgery is an art that can transform and emphasize natural beauty, correct imperfections and restore self-confidence.

For everyone who wants to accept themselves unconditionally and be in harmony with the world, a consultation with a highly qualified surgeon - Bilyachenko M.V.

The doctor is ready to provide you with not only expert medical opinion, but also support in realizing your desires.

Terms of the promotion

- The special offer is valid from 01.01 to 30.04.2024
- The offer includes the following services: free consultation on plastic surgery on the face, chest and body.
- The promotion does not apply to persons who are serviced under insurance programs. And also for patients under the age of 18.
- You can get expert advice at the ADONIS Medical Center at 39 Spaska Street, Kyiv.

How to take advantage of the promotion

Make an appointment for a free consultation at the reception at the department or by calling

0 800 707 707

During the appointment, please inform us that you want to take advantage of the special offer.

Open the door to a world of possibilities under the guidance of an experienced specialist of the ADONIS clinic network.