15:26 19.05.2020

MP Derkach hands over materials to PGO allegedly testifying to Biden's influence on Poroshenko

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KYIV. May 19 (Interfax-Ukraine) – Ukrainian MP Andriy Derkach has made public audio materials that may indicate the influence of ex-Vice President of the United States Joseph Biden on the fifth President of Ukraine Petro Poroshenko.

"We will unveil recordings of telephone conversations with voices similar to those of Petro Poroshenko and Joseph Biden, testifying to the facts of international corruption and state treason at the highest state level," Derkach said during an online conference at Interfax-Ukraine agency on Tuesday.

According to Derkach, he received the recordings from investigative journalists, and Poroshenko personally did the recording of the conversations.

The first topic of the recordings, the deputy noted, concerns the receipt of "$1 billion in exchange for maintaining Burisma schemes and international corruption." The records, as Derkach notes, date back to 2015-2016, in particular, they refer to the need to dismiss Prosecutor General Viktor Shokin at that time, "who was investigating the Burisma case and tapped into Biden at that time."

"Biden leaves for Kyiv to put pressure on Petro Oleksiyovych regarding Shokin. There's a powerful argument … in Biden's pocket ... a $1 billion loan guarantees ... such was a price to save Biden from prison," Derkach said.

The deputy claims that the $1 billion received was used to receive military government orders by enterprises related to Poroshenko.

The second topic of the recordings, according to Derkach, concerns the collapse of the parliamentary coalition and the upcoming elections in February 2016. "Poroshenko admits that there is no coalition ... instead of fulfilling the requirements of the Constitution and declaring a re-election, Petro Oleksiyovych held to the promises given to Biden personally and blocked the Cabinet's dismissal," Derkach explained.

"These conversations clearly show ... Biden ruled Ukraine," the deputy said.

Also, according to him, the audio recordings say about Biden's influence through the supervisory boards of large state enterprises.

"We handed over all the hours-long records we have at our disposal together with a statement about high treason, as well as of facts of international corruption to the Prosecutor General's Office ... for registering criminal proceedings," Derkach summed up.

He also added that, in his opinion, Chairman of the Verkhovna Rada Dmytro Razumkov "blocks the creation of the inquiry commission ... which is a violation of the law on regulations." "Such a commission could effectively investigate the facts of international corruption," Derkach said.

Former prosecutor Kostiantyn Kulyk, who was present at the press conference, added that Ruslan Riaboshapka, when he was the prosecutor general, "completely stopped the investigation of economic crimes of the Yanukovych regime and stopped the $6 billion budget confiscation planned for 2019."

"A report has been prepared on this fact that Riaboshapka had committed the crimes pursuant to Articles 349, 364 and 365 of the Criminal Code of Ukraine ... it is about interference with the activities of a law enforcement officer, abuse of power, exceeding of the limits of authority and disclosure of the secrets of pretrial investigation. I hope that the monitoring over the investigation by will be organized by Ukrainian parliamentarians ... I consider it necessary to initiate the creation of a temporary investigative commission of the Verkhovna Rada to investigate opposition to the investigation of economic criminal cases of the Yanukovych regime," Kulyk said.