15:00 27.03.2019

Zelensky campaign preparing modern, responsive parallel vote count system

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KYIV. March 27 (Interfax-Ukraine) – The headquarters and the team of presidential candidate Volodymyr Zelensky is preparing an efficient parallel vote count using modern technologies.

"We will conduct a parallel counting of votes and promptly inform the results. Our goal is to minimize the time from the moment the figure sounds as a result of the counting of votes at the polling station, which is voiced out loud, until the moment when the whole Ukraine will know these results. It can take about an hour. If more than an hour passes, no one knows what happened. Something can happen at the polling station, on the way from the polling station to the district commission," Zelensky's campaign coordinator in the regions Oleksandr Korniyenko said a press conference at the Kyiv-based Interfax-Ukraine news agency on Wednesday during.

Information technology expert Oleksandr Olshansky said the existing system, which is a database, has been "sharpened" using geolocation, where all sources of open data are collected.

"There is data on how many pupils study at each school, how many doctors are employed in each hospital, the number of retirees in which territory, tax amounts were collected. Only data sources number 300,000 - all open registries, district administrations," he said, adding that observers will be able to enter their login and password and immediately report vote returns.

"Since this all has a reference to a geo-location, we know exactly where this person is. That is, he did not send us the data while sitting at home, and we understand for sure that he sent the data from the [voting] commission," he said.

Vadym Halaichuk, chief lawyer of the Zelensky campaign, said the system would help focus attention on areas and districts where problems may occur.

"We trained our observers and lawyers to identify abnormal turnout, and to inform us in advance about such facts. We hope for a huge number of observers at the polling stations," he said.

Zelensky campaign headquarters said they had filled in their quota for 85% of the members of the district election commissions, 100% of the members of district commissions and 100% of the authorized representatives of the candidate. The CEC website states that 11,921 official observers were registered from "Team Ze," with expectations the number could increase to 15,000.

Some 300 professional lawyers working with Zelensky's campaign have been assigned to 199 electoral districts.