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MAVIC from AMIC: night vision “eyes” are already in use by the Armed Forces of Ukraine

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MAVIC from AMIC: night vision “eyes” are already in use by the Armed Forces of Ukraine

AMIC ENERGY and the Dignitas Charitable Foundation have announced that the next 25 DJI MAVIC 3T (Thermal) drones have been delivered to the Ukrainian Armed Forces as part of the MAVIC by AMIC initiative.

The Austrian gas station chain AMIC ENERGY and the Dignitas Charitable Foundation continue their joint charity initiative aimed at providing the Armed Forces of Ukraine with hundreds drones for Victory.


"It is impossible to overestimate the importance of Mavic 3T night vision drones in saving lives at the frontlines," says Lyuba Shipovych, director of the Dignitas Fund. "After all, they serve as the eyes of the military at night or in poor visibility conditions, observing from the sky an enemy assault, artillery fire and helping to direct defense actions accordingly. Without visibility from the sky, there are hundreds and hundreds of casualties, when one such drone saves the lives of an entire unit from the enemy's insidious actions under the cover of night."

Following the delivery of the first hundred DJI MAVIC 3 drones in early February, AMIC ENERGY and Dignitas announced the continuation of the initiative. The collection started with 25 DJI MAVIC 3T (Thermal) drones, which allow detecting enemy targets even at night or in low visibility conditions.

"We are constantly in touch with military units to keep abreast of their current needs. MAVICs with night vision were most often mentioned in the list of the top equipment needed," says Audrius Stropus, CEO of AMIC Ukraine. "Thanks to our customers, we managed to purchase 25 night drones worth UAH 5 million in a short time. Therefore, AMIC ENERGY aims to continue its support in the future."

One can support the project by refueling with gasoline or diesel fuel at all AMIC ENERGY gas stations, and the company will transfer UAH 5 from each customer to purchase hundreds of DJI MAVIC 3 drones (and variations) for the Armed Forces of Ukraine.

On March 4, AMIC ENERGY filling stations and the Dignitas Fund announced the continuation of the initiative and a new goal of the campaign - 25 DJI MAVIC 3T night vision drones. So far, thanks to the extraordinary support of the customers of the gas station network, AMIC ENERGY has financed UAH 12,600,000 and successfully transferred reconnaissance drones to more than 90 military units of the Security and Defense Forces. Also, according to the results of 2023, the total amount of taxes and fees paid by AMIC ENERGY in Ukraine amounted to almost UAH 1.5 billion (including taxes on the import of goods into the customs territory of Ukraine).


AMIC ENERGY is an Austrian company that owns a network of 470 retail gas stations in Austria, Latvia, Lithuania, Poland and Ukraine.

Since the beginning of the full-scale invasion, AMIC UKRAINE has provided support to the government and people of Ukraine, military units of the Defense and Security Forces, various state institutions, charitable organizations and personnel in the most difficult moments of the country's history in the amount of more than UAH 92.1 million: over 370 thousand liters of fuel, 125 DJI MAVIC 3 (different variations), more than 65 units of special military devices and hardware complex for suppressing control channels of ANTIDRON KVSG 6+ UAVs, military clothing and body armor, almost 200 travel heaters, cars, universal mobile batteries Hama Supreme, etc.

AMIC ENERGY promptly responds to the needs of Ukrainian society on the way to liberating the territories of Ukraine from the occupying country. 

Dignitas is a charitable foundation that has been helping to build a strong, technologically capable and modern army since 2014 by providing the Armed Forces of Ukraine with technical and other tactical assistance, equipment, and high-quality knowledge and practices.

The foundation was created by a large team of like-minded people, including Lyuba Shipovych and Maria Berlinska.