14:00 11.08.2023

MAVIC from AMIC: AMIC ENERGY gas station network and Dignitas Fund announce a joint charity initiative to purchase hundreds of DJI MAVIC 3 drones.

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Ukrainians continuously support the Armed Forces of Ukraine. The remarkable and significant efforts from the population do not leave businesses indifferent. Despite regular collections and assistance, the need for drones on the front lines remains one of the most pressing.

Austrian gas station network AMIC ENERGY and Dignitas Fund announce the launch of a joint charity initiative called "MAVIC from AMIC."

As part of the charity initiative "MAVIC from AMIC," for every customer who refuels their vehicle with any type of gasoline or diesel, 5 hryvnias will be donated by AMIC Ukraine to purchase DJI MAVIC 3 drones for the needs of the Armed Forces of Ukraine. The goal of the charity campaign is to provide hundreds of drones to the defenders of the Armed Forces of Ukraine.

“We understand that technology plays a significant role in warfare, so Ukraine must stay one step ahead of the occupying country. Drones are the eyes of Ukrainian defenders: from data collection and target detection to gaining an advantage on the battlefield. Businesses should help Ukraine regain its own territories by sacrificing technology while preserving the most valuable asset - the lives of Ukrainian soldiers. Let's provide the Armed Forces with drones to see the undeniable Victory of Ukraine through technological eyes. Therefore, we are pleased to announce the start of a charity initiative in partnership with Dignitas Fund,” said Günter Maier, Managing Director of the Austrian gas station network AMIC ENERGY.

"While our military is focused on protecting our lives, we must support them daily," says Lyuba Shipovych, the founder of the charity organization Dignitas Fund. "Our goal is to provide technological support to the army and train the military. In the 21st century, we should not fight like in the First World War. Technology should come first, not the struggle at the cost of human lives."

We continue to support the Armed Forces of Ukraine and will not let the enemy hide! Come to AMIC ENERGY and contribute to Victory with us!

Additional Information:

AMIC ENERGY is an Austrian company that owns a network of 470 retail gas stations in Austria, Latvia, Lithuania, Poland, and Ukraine. Since the full-scale invasion, AMIC ENERGY has been providing continuous assistance to units of the Armed Forces of Ukraine, military administrations, territorial communities of various regions, charitable organizations, and has already provided over 300,000 liters of fuel, more than 65 units of special military equipment, the ANTIDRON KVSG 6+ channel suppression hardware complex, military clothing and body armor, nearly 200 portable heaters, cars, universal mobile batteries Hama Supreme, and more.

Dignitas (Latin for "dignity") is a charitable fund and an international volunteer group that has been in existence since 2023. The activities of the fund include: technological support for Ukrainian defenders, provision and training of defenders and rescuers, and rehabilitation of veterans.

The fund was created by a large team of like-minded individuals, including Lyuba Shipovych, Maria Berlinska, Dima Kavun, Lera Holoshchapova, Antonina Kumka, and over a hundred activists and volunteers.