11:12 06.11.2020

Medical compulsion and break up of the health system: Ukrainian mode

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On Thursday, 05.11.2020 at 11:00 the press conference on topic
Medical compulsion and break up of the health system: Ukrainian mode was held


  • Vyacheslav Kostylev, public figure
  • Zakhar Milyutin, lawyer, analyst

On Sept. 22nd 2020 the deputies of Committee for nation’s health have introduced a law project No4142. It means:

  • Complete ban for non-vaccinated / not fully vaccinated children from education in any form.
  • Limitations to the access to the work for non-vaccinated adults and the presumption of consent for vaccination (currently, there’s the one for REFUSE). As Vyacheslav Kostylev has marked, "[this project] introduces the forced vaccination of citizens under the fear of starving death, the fear of misery".
  • It broadens significantly the powers of Health Ministry and the Cabinet of Ministers regarding the establishment of the quarantine limitations and definition of people who these limitation adhere to – according t o the project, these institutions can do ti on their own and without responsibility.   

Supporting this point, Zakhar Milyutin has presented the statistics for compensation payouts for the vaccine injuries in the developed countries (Denmark, Finland, France, Germany, Japan, the USA, etc.). The USA has the total amount of payouts since the program is established (since 1980-s) of USD 4,5 bln, annually, about 1,000 cases are compensated. Ukraine doesn’t have the relevant institutions at all. The countries with the lowest rate of child death and the highest level of the health system (Scandinavian countries and Japan)  have voluntary vaccination system, and the vaccine injuries are compensated at the cost of vaccine manufacturers.    

  • Authors of the project want to oblige Ukrainians to get vaccination from 11 diseases (in the acting vaccination calendarв, there are 6 obligatory vaccinations) and ensure the possibility to broaden this list even further – without any substantiation. With this, they point out that the project doesn’t require additional expenses from the budget. This means that any medical procedures, e.g. protection means supplies, will be at expense of people and private institutions.

"The consequence of this law will be the corruption increase including the false medical certificates [for vaccination], which already make about 30% in Ukriane", - said Zakhar Milyutin.

  • The project limits the constitutional rights of the citizens, which contradicts the decisions of the Constitutional Court of Ukraine.  

The speakers mentioned that the real author of the project is the former sanitary doctor of Ukraine, who had a criminal case issued against him for signing the permission for the supply to Ukraine of the experimental vaccine in the year 2008, which resulted in the death of the teenager (Anton Tishchenko, inhabitant of Kramatorsk).

In spite of the devastating conclusion of the National Expert Bureau, pointing out the multiple violations of Constitution and Laws of Ukraine, inconsistent structure and technical mistakes, the project is forced on all the levels of the government. It’s put to voting in the Parliament in first reading on 06.11.2020.   

Summing up, Vyacheslav Kostylev marked that his project will create “the new reality where the institution not controlled by anyone will have the powers not eligible to Parliament or President”. He called to spread the information about the law project and join the rally of the public organization “Vaccination: Free Choice” on 06.11.2020 at 11:00 at the building of the Ukrainian Parliament (5 Hrushevskogo str.).