18:10 12.02.2018

GPS car tracking devices

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Most people have some experience with it: GPS. The Global Position System, as the full name of GPS is, uses satellites to pinpoint the coordinates of a target’s exact location. This method is called triangulation, since the distances to at least three satellites are calculated to find the location of a target. Using this method, it is not only possible to find a target, it is also possible to track it. This hasn’t only led to navigation devices, but also to car tracking devices. This is an especially interesting development for business owners.

Life as a business owner can be stressful. Especially if you have to manage the company’s fleet, oversee deliveries and keep track of all your employees. This means a lot of calls with drivers, deliverers and employees to pinpoint their whereabouts and activities. With GPS car tracking devices you can keep track of all your vehicles from your office! Thanks to GPS tracking technology, business owners can work faster and more efficient. With the latest developments, owners can track their fleets on their laptops, tablets and even smartphones.

Here is an overview of all the advantages of using GPS car tracking devices for owners of businesses with vehicles:

  • Track all your vehicles in real time
  • Always know the exact location of your employees
  • Save time and money by working more efficiently
  • Become more customer friendly: you can now tell your customers more precisely when to expect your people
  • Keep track on  fuel consumption and driving behaviors with the reports on each vehicle
  • Your employees will be extra motivated to work fast when they know you are watching
  • Motivate your employees even more by implementing bonuses for e.g. the fastest deliveries
  • Recover your vehicle quickly after a car theft
  • Due to the lower change of your cars being stolen, you often pay less on insurances when you have installed a GPS tracking device

Long story short: if you for any reason (emergency, security, control) need to track your vehicles, a GPS car tracking device is indispensable. But what device to get? There are many different GPS car tracking devices on the market nowadays. Which one you need depends mainly on your business. Do you just want to track your vehicles or do you need additional features? Do you want real time data or do want a log at the end of the day? Do you want it to work on your smartphone as well? Take some time to consider this and purchase the device that best suits your wishes.

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