09:28 23.01.2018

PoweredTemplate launches full-fledged version in German

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Digital media library PoweredTemplate has recently launched 6 new language versions, empowering users around the world to benefit from professional ready-made templates for presentations, brochures, maps, business cards and other visual projects. From now on, website is available in German, providing a quick and comfortable search among over 50,000 templates and regularly updated ideas.

Since its launch in 2004, Powered Template has made it into the top of leading providers of presentation content. Talented designers from seven continents are passionately working to create high quality products tailored for various needs of business, educational and artistic nature. It is now easy to search, purchase and download unexceptional presentation templates, charts & diagrams, flyers, posters,, posters, Google slides themes, newsletters, business letterhead templates and other materials in German language.

Every product is an expert-level timesaver, making easy to communicate important messages and illustrate complex concepts. Preparation to meetings and presentation has never taken as little time and effort, allowing to focus solely on the very essence. Highly functional, versatile template facilitate organizational aspect and minimize the amount of work required while working on all kinds of projects:

  • business models;
  • flow, graph, pie, process, matrix charts and diagrams;
  • infographics;
  • tree & puzzle diagrams;
  • icons, shapes and silhouettes; 
  • medical charts;
  • organizational charts;
  • tables and text boxes;
  • timelines and calendars;
  • presentation templates and many others.

These ready-to-use templates have been developed to serve the needs of skilled professionals, students and enthusiasts. Well-thought packages and a variety of free-to-download options allow comfortable utilization and full accessibility for every user. PoweredTemplate features affordable content with budget-friendly plans and tariffs for daily, monthly and annual access with up to 60 downloads per month. Search can be conducted by types of projects and subject categories, such as:

  • 3D
  • Abstract & Textures
  • Agriculture and Animals
  • Animals and Pets
  • Art & Entertainment
  • Business and Financial
  • Cars and Transportation
  • Industries
  • Computers
  • Consulting
  • Education & Training
  • International
  • Food & Beverage
  • Health, Recreation and Holiday

In 2017, PoweredTemplate team introduced not only a superset of fresh professional templates and upgrades, but also new language versions. Thus, from now on website is available for speakers of English, German, Italian, French, Portuguese, Spanish, Netherlands, Chinese, Japanese, Korean and Indonesian, with more language options to come in future.

Digital library’s policies are based on principles of accessibility and constant development, ensuring:

  • instant access;
  • timely customer support and care;
  • secure payments;
  • free daily updates;
  • absence of hidden fees and payments;
  • cancellations at any time.

Whether there is a technical, commercial or educational presentation to be prepared, PoweredTemplate provides variety of time-saving opportunities and plenty of originality in ideas.

About PoweredTemplate: a royalty-free digital media library with a wide range of affordable pre-made templates and diagrams for a broad agenda. Service has reached 767,000 users from 183 countries across the globe, including most of Fortune 500 companies.


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