18:17 27.10.2017

For the First Time in Ukraine: FRANCHITHINK

On the 30th of November 2017 for the first time will be held the restaurant franchising FRANCHITHINK Forum in “Parkovy” convention and exhibition center.

Representatives of Ukrainian and global restaurant franchising chains as well as investors (owners), franchisees, suppliers and other experts of the restaurant market will meet in one place. The total number of guests will be 1,500 people from the USA, Great Britain, Western, Eastern Europe, Asia and CIS countries.

FRANCHITHINK Forum is made of three main elements CREATE, THINK, BUY.

- CREATE – operating business owners of which are actively developing and selling their franchise.

- THINK – professionals of the industry who are ready to share knowledge and their successful experience.

- BUY – investors interested in finding new partners and gaining income.

The main stage of the forum holds more than 800 people. The foreign speakers will share their case studies and success stories here. Benjamin Simon will be among the speakers, who is the vice president of a large chain of fast-food restaurants Carl's Jr (chain with more than 3,500 restaurants in the US, Ecuador, Mexico, Singapore, Thailand, Belarus and Russia), Fedor Ovchinnikov, founder and co-owner of the international chain "Dodo Pizza", it has more than 200 pizzerias in 9 countries; Deniz Kosan, founder of Walter's Coffee Roastery, which after just couple of month after the opening became internet famous and went viral on major news outlets; Mario C. Bauer, Chief Executive Officer of Vapiano Franchising International GmbH, Member of the Management Board at Vapiano SE (together with the team he is responsible for almost 200 restaurants in more than 30 countries around the world).


The educational zone also includes the CREATE hall with application-oriented lectures and THINK hall for the restaurant franchising market professionals. Here you will learn how to develop and scale your brand, how to enter new markets and what PR strategies to use for the international restaurant chains. The following speakers will share their experience with you on the educational platforms CREATE and THINK: Miroslava Kozachuk, founder of the Franchise Group; Alexander Musatov, expert in the field of restaurant consulting, co-owner of the restaurants True Burger Bar and Hendrick's bar; Maxim Pruchay, director of franchising chain Salateira; Elena Isayeva, Director of Forensic KPMG; Nadya Pereviznyk, a specialist in marketing communications and PR. The owner and thought leader of PR Bar; Olga Eliseieva - Chief Operational Officer of the KFC brand in Central and Eastern Europe, Russia and CIS countries and many others.

On the territory of EXPO will be presented brand stands 30 restaurant franchises. And in the BUY zone there will be presentations of both Ukrainian franchises, known in many countries of the world, as well as franchises of restaurant chains from the USA, Spain, Italy, Ireland, Turkey, Belarus and Russia. Among them:

- Little Caesars — the third biggest pizza chain in the US (represented in 23 countries of the world);

- "Dodo Pizza" — international restaurant chain, which specializes in pizza delivery (220 pizzerias across 9 countries);

- Wayback Burgers — international network of fast food restaurants. (138 restaurants in the US and other countries);

- Coffee Planet – coffee shop chain in the Middle East and other countries (21 coffee shops in UAE,

Qatar, Pakistan, Malaysia, and Saudi Arabia);

- Yogorino - was founded in 1993 and today can be found in 20 countries around the world!

 The main idea was to create a new line of healthy, balanced and natural products.

- Cantina Mariachi — international Mexican restaurant chain with more than 150 restaurants in Italy, Turkey, Spain, Portugal and in Russia;

- Lizarran – world-famous Spanish restaurant chain, which was founded in 1988 and specializes in Basque cuisine (200 restaurants across 8 countries: Spain, Russia, USA, France, China, Andorra and Portugal);

- Pizza Celentano — a pizza chain (149 pizzerias in Ukraine and Moldova);

- Salateira — Ukrainian fast-healthy restaurant chain that specializes in Italian and Mediterranean cuisine (11 restaurants in Ukraine, Belarus, UAE, and Spain);

- FreshLine — a recognized brand in Ukraine with a unique technology in personalized sandwich making (53 sandwich bars across Ukraine and Belarus)

- "Caramel Manufactory" — unique sweets shop, where the caramel is prepared in front of the visitors (17 sweets shops in Ukraine, The Czech Republic, Spain, Israel and Azerbaijan);

- "Mafia" – Ukrainian family-style restaurant chain (34 restaurants in Ukraine and Moldova);

- "Khinkalnya" —restaurant chain that specialized in Georgian cuisine (39 restaurants in Ukraine, Poland, and Belarus);

FRANCHITHINK Forum is organised by Hoteliero Hoteliers and Restaurateurs Club founded in 2009. The Club's mission and task is to support and promote development of the hospitality industry by all means. For this purpose, the company holds BAROMETER International Bar Show, Creative Chefs Summit (an international summit for chefs and restaurateurs), National SALT Restaurant Awards and International Hospitality Awards.

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