16:43 26.07.2017

DV Bank: еDV-License for Individuals – Instant Commercial Transfer Abroad up to $50.000

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DV Bank implements the receipt of individual currency licenses for private individuals. The project operates in accordance with the program of the National Bank of Ukraine on the liberalization of currency exchange regulation and adaptation to the world standards of currency circulation.

Previously it was necessary to have dozens of documents and wait for weeks to approve the single legal transfer transaction abroad within currency limits. Now this issue for individuals is settled within one banking day at the presence of only two formalities:

confirmation of earnings in the amount equal to what is indicated in the license;

documents (including their copies), which confirm the objective of transfer from Ukraine abroad (except for transfers to own account).

еDV-license is intended for transactions with approved commercial component, such as:

foreign investment;

keeping funds in own accounts outside Ukraine;

implementation of commitments to non-residents within life insurance agreement.

The limit on the amount of transfers is set to $50.000 for one calendar year. Within the above limit the quantity of currency licenses per one individual is not limited. It is worth remembering that it the certain fund transfer have to be done within one banking day until the daily electronic license is valid.

"еDV-license is a new tool for managing foreign currency investment for Ukrainian citizens. All that is needed for the implementation of this possibility within the set limit is to provide documentation package to the bank branch, open an account and receive confirmation of sending transfer in SWIFT form, which is almost instant. Besides, it is necessary to remember that annual currency exchange limit does not depend on the bank, which receives a license, is applied to all banking system of Ukraine," said Olena Pidgayetska, the member of Supervisory Board of DV Bank.

We recall that, within the undertaken by the National Bank of Ukraine simplification of foreign exchange regulation, non-commercial currency transfers of Ukrainian citizens and residents abroad can be made without any limits in the amount – based on the above mentioned confirming documents.

DV Bank, PJSC received a "top 50 leading banks" notation, according business publication FinClub. Financial statements of the bank for 2016 were approved by Deloitte. It has also become the first bank in Ukraine, which provides daily reports on its key figures in the official website and corporate Facebook page to its customers and regulators.

The bank adheres to the principles of openness and transparency of doing business in the interests of customers, develops programs of social responsibility, is a member of leading business associations of Ukraine: the Independent Association of Ukrainian banks, European Business Association and Ukrainian Union of Entrepreneurs.


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