16:26 22.06.2022

Digital tool Map of Destruction publishes data on 1,500 objects affected by war in Ukraine

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KYIV. June 22 (Interfax-Ukraine) – NGO Anti-Corruption Headquarters presented a digital tool Map of Destruction, it currently contains data on 1,500 objects, Board Chairman of Anti-Corruption Headquarters Serhiy Mytkalyk said during a press conference "Map of Destruction - we will help rebuild Ukraine" at Interfax-Ukraine on Wednesday.

"Analysts of the headquarters from the first days of the war have been adding photographs of destroyed or damaged civilian objects: houses, schools, churches, stadiums, etc. The headquarters finds and adds such photos manually, indicating the exact address, coordinates, links to publications in the media. There are already 1,500 destroyed objects on our map. A meter has been installed on the site, and it has not stopped for a day," Mytkalyk said.

The head of the organization noted that the number of objects on the map is very far from the actual amount of destruction, but the authors of the project did not set a goal to cover absolutely all houses and structures, but to bring in the most emotional, vivid examples. The publication of data does not pose a threat to the security of the country – for each of the objects, permission has been received from the Ministry of Defense of Ukraine.

"Our map is unique: unlike other similar resources, it contains a photo of the building for 'denazification.' But the main task is not just fixing and assessing the damage, but helping raise funds for restoration," Mytkalyk said.

According to him, experts from the Kyiv School of Economics, the Russia will Pay project, and the government are involved in economic calculations. To raise funds, the Anti-Corruption Headquarters uses the United24 platform, initiated by Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky. The site lists the accounts of this platform, where they ask to transfer funds.

At the same time, it is indicated that the Map of Destruction is primarily aimed at foreign users. "It's hard to impress the British, the French or the German people with the amount of destruction. But they can go to the site and see what the 'Russian world' brought with it: what was 'before' and what was left 'after.' A photo of a destroyed house in which someone's life was cut short, better than any statistics, can push people to transfer funds in support of Ukraine," Mytkalyk said.

He added that today, thanks to United24, $54 million has been collected, however, according to him, according to a published report, "not a single hryvnia has been directed to the restoration of the country from these funds, people are still choosing two more relevant positions: the army and healthcare."

The expert is convinced that in the long term the photographs from the map will be used in The Hague as evidence of Russia's war crimes against Ukraine. And after the end of the war, the Map of Destruction will be synchronized with the Map of Reconstruction.

"It's unfortunate to admit it during the war, but corruption in Ukraine has not yet been overcome, so we will closely monitor the restoration using our tool Map of Reconstruction, which allows you to track the use of budget funds," Mytkalyk said.

The project is implemented with the support of the International Renaissance Foundation.