14:01 18.03.2022

Russian military continue shelling settlements in Luhansk region - State Emergency Service

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On Friday, the invaders continue to shell residential buildings and civilian infrastructure from Luhansk region, information about the destruction and casualties is being specified, the State Emergency Service reports.

"This morning, the Russians again opened fire on Severodonetsk, Kreminna, Pryvillia. The number of victims and destruction is being specified. The Russians again aimed from the heaviest types of weapons purposefully at civilians and their homes. They hit dozens of residential buildings and fired from the Grad at a hospital in Pryvillia," the message of the State Emergency Service said in the telegram channel.

The report notes that rescuers continue to eliminate the fires caused by the attacks of the aggressor.

The State Emergency Service also reminds that, according to the information of Luhansk regional administration, they are negotiating the "silence regime" on March 19 for the delivery of humanitarian cargo to territorial communities.

In turn, the National Police of Ukraine in the telegram channel reports that over the past day, March 17, the police of Luhansk region registered 28 cases of shelling of settlements in Luhansk region. As a result of shelling, there are dead and wounded among civilians.

Enemy shelling damaged private and high-rise buildings in Severodonetsk, Rubizhne, Popasna.

"In the city of Severodonetsk, the occupying troops fired at a hospital, warehouses and industrial premises of private enterprises. Also, an enemy shell hit the sports ground of one of the schools in the city. One of the police buildings in Luhansk region and one of the law enforcement agencies of the region were damaged by artillery shelling," the report says.

Also, as the police informs, once again Russian troops got into the building of the Christ-Nativity Cathedral.

"Yesterday, we managed to evacuate the inhabitants of Popasna. During the evacuation, a bus with women and children came under fire from the occupiers. Fortunately, no one was hurt," the report says.