11:17 14.05.2018

LGBT rights activists join protest rally in Tbilisi

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The LGBT community rights activists have jointed the protest rally of thousands caused by a police operation to detain drug dealers in night clubs and taking place on Tbilisi's Rustaveli Avenue.

Speaking at the rally, representatives of the Equality Movement public organization, which was seeking to hold an action in Tbilisi on the occasion of the International Day against Homophobia on May 17, said that from now on, they are ceasing all negotiations with the Interior Ministry regarding the approval of the site and time of the event.

During the special operation in night clubs, policemen verbally abused members of the LGBT community, they said.

"Taking into consideration that they insulted us yesterday, we are not going to continue negotiations with the Interior Ministry," a representative of the Equality Movement said.

The action in defense of the LGBT rights will be held in front of the parliament's building on Rustaveli Avenue on May 17, she said.

Meanwhile, the rally organized by the public movement White Noise standing for mitigation of the drug policy in Georgia is continuing on Rustaveli Avenue on Saturday evening.

Participants in the rally have demanded the resignation of the Georgian prime minister and the interior ministry, as well as those officials of the Interior Ministry, who had planned the special operation conducted in night clubs in the early hours of Saturday. Protesters fully blocked the roadway on Rustaveli Avenue.

The operation to counter drug trade was conducted in two night clubs, Bassiani and Gallery. The Interior Ministry said following it that it and the Prosecutor General's Office continue fighting against drug dealers.

However, people attending clubs, where the police operation had taken place, said that they were subjected to violence and humiliation.