19:51 10.02.2023

Private clinics count on recovery of health insurance sector despite its significant decline due to war

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The largest private clinics in Ukraine expect that the health insurance sector will recover, despite its significant decline due to the war. They have restructured their work with insurance companies.

According to the Adonis medical group of companies, the volume of the medical insurance market, compared to 2021, fell by 30-40%.

"In 2022, Adonis International Group of Companies took a loyal approach to work with insurance companies. We have met our obligations and agreements that existed at the time of the full-scale invasion on February 24, 2022. This allowed insurance companies to meet the conditions of corporate insurance programs," Adonis said.

At the same time, Adonis said that since the beginning of the war, there have been delays in payments for medical services performed, but the group "enabled insurance companies to accept insured persons in its medical centers and this helped to even out the situation."

"Since February 2022, both Adonis and insurance companies have restructured their work and adapted to the circumstances. All insurance companies found the opportunity to pay us for previous periods. Many companies have set up the settlement and payment process very clearly and on time. This gives hope that together we will be able to increase the number of insured patients and provide assistance to even more Ukrainians," Adonis said.

Adonis said that "some insurance companies have left the market, but Providna, UNIQA, USG, ARX, Krayina, Universalna, SOS-Service, VUSO, INGO work stably and harmoniously."

In turn, the corporate sales director at the Dobrobut medical network, Dmytro Grossu, also said that the share of insurance patients of the total sales of Dobrobut before the war in 2022 was 25%, while in 2021 it was 20%.

"The share of corporate clients in 2022 grew by 25% compared to 2021. It's due to the fact that the "subscription" format for services turned out to be more stable than one-time requests," he said.

Grossu said that in 2022, about 20% of clients under corporate insurance programs did not renew their insurance for various reasons. However, "there were clients who insured for the first time, believing that today it is very important."

Commenting on the delays in payments under the medical insurance programs for corporate clients, the expert said that "the partners of the medical network showed their best side in matters of financial discipline in a difficult period for everyone."

"Our corporate clients do not have bad debts to the Dobrobut medical network," he said.

Commenting on the prospects for the post-war recovery of the corporate medical insurance sector, Grossu said that the development of this sector in Ukraine continues due to the war.

"It's confirmed by constant, albeit insignificant, but dynamics. Difficult times give rise to strong decisions that become the foundation for growth," he said.