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New digital interpretations of business classics: Foresight 2.4 by Linkos Group

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On Thursday, May 23, Linkos Group, a leading Ukrainian IT company specializing in digital solutions for business automation, hosted a big event — Foresight 2.4 business conference. The company's well-known products, such as M.E.Doc, SOTA, Cashalot, FlyDoc, ISpro, and CSC Ukraine, offer Ukrainian businesses reliable e-document management, streamlined report submission, secure e-signatures, and efficient payment processing through software-based cash registers.

The Foresight 2.4 conference followed a classic business format, drawing parallels between modern technological solutions and timeless works of art. The event featured presentations from Linkos Group's top experts, partners, clients, and government representatives. Through engaging panel discussions and product showcases, attendees explored innovative solutions reminiscent of classical art masterpieces. For the past 24 years, Linkos Group’s software products have set the standard for excellence, becoming synonymous with business classics.

"With over 20 years of expertise in developing digital solutions for business, Linkos Group has created products now considered classics among Ukrainian entrepreneurs.  These solutions are not only taught in universities but also widely embraced by most companies across diverse sectors, serving millions of users throughout Ukraine," said Olesya Lynnyk, Owner of Linkos Group.

Ukraine is advancing in adopting international standards, including SAF-T, designated to facilitate electronic auditing. This standard, already in use across numerous EU countries, marks a significant step forward for Ukraine.

"Initially, SAF-T will target larger businesses, given their greater capacity and resources to adopt the standard. Subsequently, medium and small businesses will also be incorporated. In my opinion, this is a classic and justified approach to introducing innovations," said Ruslana Tylevna, Director of Business Analysis at Linkos Group. Linkos Group recognized the need for a convenient and accessible tool for working with SAF-T. In response, they announced the release of two new solutions: MEDOC API SAF-T UA and MEDOC SAF-T UA.

At Foresight 2.4, key topics for Ukrainian businesses were discussed: the implementation of software registrars of settlement operations (PRRO) and electronic document management. Statistics show that every second transaction in Ukraine is processed through a software-based cash register, and over 1 million business units were involved in electronic document management in 2023.

Linkos Group leads in both areas with its flagship products: the Cashalot software cash register, recognized as the best technological solution by the SUP (Union of Ukrainian Entrepreneurs) in 2023, and the PTAH document management platform. PTAH integrates solutions like M.E.Doc, FlyDoc, and SOTA web service.

An engaging panel discussion at Foresight 2.4 focused on the electronic consignment note project in Ukraine. Linkos Group, an accredited provider in this project, plays an active role in its development. The project aims to establish a national system for exchanging transport documents in electronic format.

During the event, Linkos Group introduced new solutions for working with electronic consignment notes: SOTA electronic consignment note web service, SOTA DRIVER mobile application, SOTA API for electronic consignment note.

The conference covered several important topics, including enhancements in the procedure for obtaining an electronic signature from Key Certification Centre “Ukraine”, and updates to the development standards of ISpro, one of Ukraine’s most powerful ERP systems.

Foresight is Linkos Group’s annual conference dedicated to shaping and forecasting the future of business in Ukraine. Looking ahead, the organizers assure attendees of even more compelling solutions to drive the digital transformation of Ukrainian business.

About Linkos Group:

Linkos Group is a leading Ukrainian IT company based in Kyiv, specializing in developing innovative digital solutions tailored for business automation needs. For over 20 years, Linkos Group has created IT products in e-reporting and e-document management, widely used by accounting professionals and businesses across the country.