14:12 11.04.2024

Zemits is recognized as a leader in the aesthetic industry thanks to the HydroDiamond™ technology

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Zemits, a manufacturer of advanced devices for aesthetic procedures, delights clients worldwide with its cutting-edge HydroDiamond™ technology. This innovative technology combines the strongest characteristics of hydrodermabrasion and diamond microdermabrasion, creating a unique approach to facial cleansing and skin improvement.

What do thousands of cosmetologists around the world say? HydroDiamond™ impresses beauty professionals with its benefits.

Why is HydroDiamond™ a special procedure?


HydroDiamond™ is an organic combination of hydropeeling and diamond microdermabrasion designed to maximize procedure results and reduce consumables, thereby increasing cosmetologist income.

How does HydroDiamond™ work?

Classical hydrodermabrasion methods have their disadvantages, including high serum consumption and limited time when serum is contacting the skin. HydroDiamond™ changes the game by applying serum directly to the skin. This allows active ingredients to work longer and more effectively, deeply penetrating and maximizing impact.

Unique HydroDiamond™ tips

Zemits introducing innovative double-diamond tips. By reducing vacuum impact, the technology allows it to work in sensitive areas, ensuring effective removal of dead skin without excessive stretching. The difference lies in reducing vacuum impact while increasing the amount of diamond abrasive, ensuring procedure efficiency and safety.

This means that the procedure combines the mechanical action of the diamond tip with deep moisturizing and cleansing using specialized serum. As a result, the skin receives not only deep cleansing but also intensive moisturizing and rejuvenation.

Advantages for cosmetologists

One of the main advantages of HydroDiamond™ for cosmetologists is its cost-effectiveness: only 5 ml of serum is needed for one procedure. This significantly reduces material costs, allowing specialists to increase their income without compromising service quality.

Skin cleansing results

The HydroDiamond™ procedure provides visible improvement in skin condition after the first session. Clients note reduced pores, increased tone and elasticity of the skin, as well as reduced signs of acne and post-acne. Additionally, thanks to the serum used in the process, the skin receives intensive moisturizing and nourishment, making it softer, smoother, and more radiant.

Results and recognition

Thanks to HydroDiamond™, Zemits received two prestigious awards in 2024 from Dermascope and LNE&Spa's for "Best Facial Device" and "Best Hydrodermabrasion Device." These awards reflect the exceptional effectiveness and technological advantage of HydroDiamond™ in the world of aesthetic procedures.

Zemits continues to impress its clients and remain a leader thanks to the advanced HydroDiamond™ technology. This technology sets a new standard in the world of beauty and skincare, providing clients and cosmetologists with the best results.

HydroDiamond™ Devices

Choose a HydroDiamond™ technology device that best suits your business:

Zemits DermeLuxx Pro - a 3-in-1 device: 1) HydroDiamond™ + 2) Oxygen Mesotherapy + 3) Cryotherapy.

Zemits Verstand HD Pro - an 8-in-1 device: 1) HydroDiamond™ + 2) Oxygen Mesotherapy + 3) Cryotherapy + 4) RF Lifting + 5) Ultrasonic Cleansing + 6) Electroporation + 7)  Eye & Lips Electroporation Treatment + 8) Vacuum Therapy.

Each device features a user-friendly interface, easy operation, and stylish design, enhancing any beauty salon. For additional information, visit zemits.com.ua.