12:03 10.04.2024

Foxtrot purchased FPV drones for UAH 1 million for three subordinate units of the Armed Forces

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The company continued its own charity project "Birds of Retribution": at the beginning of April, 60 kamikadze-type drones flew to the front line.

During March, the Foxtrot retailer initiated the purchase of FPV drones for the total amount of UAH 1 million. Colleagues-volunteers from the Foxtrot’s headquarters of "The help our’s" and partners from the charitable foundation "Kozak-Drive" were involved in the organization of the transfer.

"The success of Ukrainian fighters currently depends very much on their equipment with drones that carry warheads," - says Olexiy Zozulya. - That's why we decided to diversify the arsenal of equipment for victory from Foxtrot to traditional editions - tablets (we are asked by fighters under the Kropiva software), TVs (work as monitors for aerial reconnaissance) and laptops - we added FPV drones. The "birds" we purchased are equipped with an 8-meter mast, a powerful battery and a wireless repeater for video control, they will help our defenders to conduct reconnaissance, effectively destroy the personnel and equipment of the occupiers."

At Foxtrot's corporate headquarters "The help our’s ", they did not consider for a long time who to hand over the drones - first of all, they sent them to where their colleagues, who are called #rotaFoxtrota.

The first 15 combat "birds" in full configuration entered service with the 47th separate mechanized brigade "Magura" in mid-March. "Magura" fighters have been under the tutelage of "Foxtrot", the corporate headquarters of  "The help our’s" for 2 years. For the third year now, the son of a colleague from the Security Department, and now a soldier of the Armed Forces of Ukraine, Colonel Mykola Honcharuk, has been fighting here.

Another 30 FPV drones were received by the fighters of the 101st brigade of the Armed Forces of Ukraine, which Foxtrot helps together with its partners - Charitable Foundation "KOZAK DRIVE". In a video tribute, the fighters of the 101st brigade confirmed that equipment is vitally important in their hot direction - it will destroy the enemy and save the lives of our soldiers.

The third batch of 15 drones from Foxtrot was transferred to a separate air reconnaissance unit "Foxtrot" of the 80th amphibious assault of the Galician Brigade. The unit was named in honor of its deceased founder Oleg Markovych, director of Foxtrot in Lviv before the full-scale invasion. Almost a year ago, in support of its namesake, Foxtrot and Kozak Drive bought three DJI Mavik 3T reconnaissance drones with a thermal imager, starting the "Birds of Retribution" initiative.

The corporate headquarters of Foxtrot notes that the entire "Birds of Retribution" project, which has been going on for a year, is progressing thanks to the cooperation of the Foxtrot company and the Kozak Drive Charity fund Kozak Drive.

"Three DJI Mavik 3T reconnaissance drones, 60 pieces of FPV drones - our joint account with the fund yesterday seemed fantastic because of the resource load, but today we have a real and very optimistic result," – CEO of Foxtrot Olexiy Zozulya.

"The military is being asked not to stop: kamikadze drones are currently critically needed in the hot areas of warfare," says Bohdan Butsa, an activist of "The help our’s" headquarters and the head of the western regional representative office of Foxtrot. He was the one who conducted communications and organized all issues in the "Birds of Retribution" campaign for the Foxtrot air reconnaissance unit.

Alevtyna Demutska, press secretary of the FOXTROT Group and a member of " The help our’s" staff, believes that March proved the success of the Ukrainian initiative on volunteer kamikadze drones:

"I was pleased with the statistics of OSINT researcher  Daniele, who in March updated the graphs of visually confirmed and documented drone strikes by both warring parties on infantry. In March, Ukraine surged ahead in the number of strikes, both with the help of kamikaze drones and with the help of drops. This result is due not only to the state and its centralized procurement, but also to the efforts of such volunteers as the people of Foxtrot."

We will remind, from the very beginning of the war, Foxtrot handed over equipment for the Defense Forces of Ukraine in the amount of UAH 31.3 million. 15 members of the corporate headquarters " The help our’s" - employees of Foxtrot received thanks from General Valery Zaluzhny "For a significant personal contribution to the development of the Armed Forces of Ukraine, fruitful and dedicated cooperation with the Ministry of Defense of Ukraine to protect the territorial integrity of Ukraine".  The corporate headquarters of Foxtrot "The help our’s"  is supported in every possible way by the co-founders of the Foxtrot brand Valerii Makovetskyi and Gennadii Vykhodtsev.