16:53 11.02.2024

Ukrainian brand “Over Konfident” presented a new clothing collection called “Reality Swirl”

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Debut collection “Reality Swirl” is about the dreams of the “Over Konfident” designer Olga Kononenko. As Olga says, these dreams are crazy and the opposite of reality, and this inspired her to create clothes. The collection was complemented by extravagant shapes and fantastic images.

The collection includes a variety of clothing items: blue and pink jackets, gray and beige vests. Each item in the collection has its own unique name that expresses the ideas and concepts of design.

“Over Konfident” challenges stereotypes creating clothes for different body types.

Olga Kononenko emphasizes the importance of storage and rethinking the technique of creating clothes and combining new materials.

“Every design and detail in this collection represent a vision of my dreams combined with reality. I can't imagine any collection without handwork, because I create most of the clothes myself: from idea to realization”, the designer says.

The range of clothing is available at the link on the brand’s website: https://www.overkonfident.com and on the Instagram page of the brand.

Olga Kononenko is a Ukrainian designer who received her education at the Italian Istituto Marangoni. The "Reality Swirl" collection is the debut collection of the designer and her brand "Over Konfident".