15:49 15.11.2023

Renovation of apartments in Lviv with Nash Maister

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Renovation of apartments is not only about changing walls and floors. It's about how every detail works together to create a harmonious environment for your life. From the choice of paint color to the choice of floor texture - every element affects the atmosphere of the room. The right restoration will create a space that not only meets modern trends, but also reflects your style and individuality. Discover a world of possibilities in the update, where every stage is a chance to realize your unique ideas.

Ремонт квартир від Наш Майстер

Types and features of repair works

In today's world, the renovation of an apartment in Lviv is not just a process, it is a real artistic creation that encompasses many aspects and parameters:

  1. Choosing a color palette, paints to create a harmonious interior. Easy renewal of walls, ceilings, floors, without deep structural changes. Creating an atmosphere of lightness, freshness in the room.
  2. An analogue of archaeological excavations in his apartment. Includes floor screed, wall plaster for perfect surface preparation. Reconstruction of the premises with the possibility of changing the layout, functionality. Introduction of new materials and technologies for maximum comfort.
  3. Restoration, restoration of old furniture, doors, floors. Revival of every detail, giving it a new look and functionality. Creation of unique interior elements that have history and character.
  4. Exclusive copyright. Creation of a unique interior, adapted to the individual wishes of the client. Use of exclusive materials, decorative solutions. Considering every detail as part of the overall work of art.

Ремонт квартир у Львові від Наш Майстер

Stages of apartment repair

When the time comes to transform an ordinary living space into real life, an exciting expedition into the world of apartment renovation begins. This path requires creativity, patience, the ability to see beauty in the smallest details:

  • before starting any creative process, it is important to carry out an examination to determine the best way of transformation. Analyzing the space, we study its potential, take into account features, identify key points for improvement;
  • it's time to strategize. The selection of styles, colors, and materials is a real workshop. Design steps should create not only beauty, but also optimize the functionality of the space;
  • the first active action begins - dismantling the old one. By sorting things out, we open passages for the new, removing obstacles to future creations;
  • at the second stage, we invest in fundamental systems. Electricity, plumbing, ventilation are the heart of any apartment;
  • a symphony of colors and textures appears when craftsmen begin work on the walls. Playing with paints, wallpapers, decorative elements is our opportunity to shine expressively;
  • then the craftsmen begin to create masterpiece floors. Laminate, parquet, ceramic tiles - each raw material brings its own unique sense of comfort;
  • the final chord is the addition of furniture and decor. Every detail should fit into the created image, creating an atmosphere that reflects the individuality of the owners.