13:29 13.06.2022

Nuremberg trials 2.0 and the collective lawsuit of the Canadians to recognize the Russian Federation as a war criminal /terroristic organization

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On June 13, in Kyiv, Interfax-Ukraine news agency hosted a briefing on the topic "Collective Lawsuit in the Supreme Court of Canada against the Russian Federation as a terrorist/war criminal state and the opening of the Nuremberg Trials 2.0".

The speaker was Svetlana Koshkareva, a Canadian citizen with Ukrainian, Polish, Finnish roots, a resident of Edmonton, Alberta, she said: "I want to call for the implementation of the Crimes Against Humanity and War Crimes Act (CAHWCA), which is a statute of the Parliament of Canada


It has implemented Canada's obligations under the Rome Statute of the International Criminal Court since 2000, replacing earlier legislation in 1987 against Nazi war criminals. We are working with the Raoul Wallenberg Human Rights Center in Montreal, Quebec Canada to implement this initiative by Canadian citizens of Russian, Ukrainian and Belarusian origin." Svetlana Koshkareva said that according to the Criminal Code of Ukraine and the Russian Federation for “Public calls to start aggressive wars”, citizens who publicly supported the genocide in Ukraine should be considered criminals and be tried.

Therefore, civil activists in Russia and abroad collect information about those who support the war, creating "Nuremberg trial 2.0" lists for future criminal trials in Ukraine and Russia.

Information about how this command works on the site https://www.nurembergtrials20.info

Submit the names of citizens who publicly supported Russia's invasion of Ukraine to @NurembergTrials_bot

Full public list in telegram https://t.me/remennn_re

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