14:09 16.02.2021

Where and how to post a press release?

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There are, in fact, many ways to post the material, but I would like to consider next three. One could call the article “TOP three ways to post a press release”, but this is not the main thing. Let's start perhaps.

press release

How to get links to your site?

The first method I would like to talk about is email newsletter services.

 * this method is suitable for those who have at least some base of email addresses

There are a large number of mailing services, everyone can choose a more effective option for themselves, based on functionality and price.

From the functionality of services, I would like to highlight a template for news.  Using a template, you can structure your press release:

  • heading;
  • subheadings;
  • link to your site (anchor or non-anchor);
  • images

After your material is ready, you can send it to all recipients.

Although this method does not require financial investments (if your contact base is small) or requires, but not large, the probability of placing your press release is low.  For a press release to be posted for free, you need a cool news feed, regular advertising will not work.  Also, be prepared for the majority of emails to end up in the Spam folder.

The second method that will be discussed is blogs and press release sites

There are quite a few sites on the network that are ready to post your material for free, one of the main requirements of such sites is that the text must be unique (i.e. new, not copied).  You should also be interested in the uniqueness of your material, not only the text should be unique, but the picture itself.  Don't skimp on a copywriter or designer, because  the press release is posted once and for all.  The method, one might say, is ideal, there are almost no costs, but the indicators of such sites (traffic, DR, ICS, Trust / Spam) are low, you will get the effect, but it will be minimal.  This press release will be for search engines, but not for people, so there is a high probability that no one will read your material except you and the copywriter.

Let's take a look at the last one on this list - press release hosting services

On the Internet, similarly to the previous 2 methods, there are many services.  The main service is the selection of platform for your goals and budget, as well as preparation of materials (in case you don't have your own material), i.e .:

  •  writing a press release;
  •  development by an image designer

Services advantages:

  •  there are a lot of sites in the directory for posting links;
  •  selection of a specific region or city of the donor site;
  •  selection of subject of the donor site;
  •  efficiency of placement

One of these services is https://on-news.net/.  The period for posting the material is at least a few hours, maximum 2 days.  As for the financial part, the cost for each site is indicated on the site, and, importantly, there are no hidden interests and commissions for work, like other similar services.

How can we do without tradition?) The disadvantage of this method is that placing a press release is not free, it will require financial investments both for writing materials and for posting.  But the rates of "paid" sites are average or high, depending on the site.  The effectiveness of such placements is great.

I would like to summarize. There are many ways to get links and they are all useful.  But before posting press releases, you should consult with specialists so as not to harm your project.

Write interesting articles, and also promote your projects in all known ways!