17:41 06.01.2021

Unique device of Israeli scientists for destruction of viruses ProtectAir is already available in Ukraine

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Unique device of Israeli scientists for destruction of viruses ProtectAir is already available in Ukraine

The coronavirus pandemic has made adjustments to human daily life. To avoid infection, people are forced to follow safety rules - wear masks and use an antiseptic, which causes a lot of inconvenience. And indoors, the risk of coronavirus infection increases significantly. The problem of creating safe conditions for human life is more acute than ever.

Israeli scientists have created a unique and effective ProtectAir device for neutralizing coronavirus in enclosed spaces, where the risk of infection increases significantly. The device is already widely used in all spheres of Israelis’ life. Now this indispensable device has appeared in Ukraine.

Director of the Institute of Experimental Radiology, Doctor of Medical Sciences, Professor Victoria Talko praised the development of Israeli scientists: “Disinfection and cleaning of premises from bacteria, viruses and mold, as a rule, occurs by spraying a substance (usually an aqueous solution) on the surface where pathogens can accumulate. However, this method is not always effective, since it is limited by the time frame and disinfection zones.

The Israeli company Hila Pharma managed to create a technology - Protect Air-, which disinfects the room using a gaseous material (chlorine dioxide). The substance slowly evaporates into the air over time. Its effect lasts for several weeks (depending on the amount of material). Disinfection is safe for the human's health. The device does not require the use of electricity or additional actions.

Chlorine dioxide has powerful oxidizing properties and neutralizes bacteria and viruses by destroying the protein structures of the cell shell or viral envelope. The chlorine dioxide molecule oxidizes with high efficiency and therefore has a significant effect on viruses even at low concentrations.

Diffusion and expansion of gas molecules in air can provide effective and comprehensive protection without dead corners in closed or semi-closed spaces. And the slow release technology allows the gas to be distributed evenly and continuously, without air handling, surpassing traditional high-frequency disinfection.

The product is safe for humans and animals, since the multicomponent intracellular antioxidant system reliably protects against the effects of oxidation when using chlorine dioxide in the concentrations recommended for disinfection in eukaryotes.

The substance does not belong to chlorine-type disinfectants, does not contain hypochlorous acid, which harms the cells of the human body. Unlike chlorine, chlorine dioxide does not enter into chlorination reactions with other substances and chemical elements, does not produce the carcinogens trichlomethanes. At the same time, its biocidal effect on bacteria, viruses, fungi and other pathogens is more powerful than that of chlorine, due to active oxygen. Chlorine dioxide in the form of air vapor provides long-term effectiveness.”

ProtectAir is very easy to use. To disinfect a room, you need to install it in the center of the room at a height of 1.8 meters. After two hours of work in an empty room, the viral load will drop by 50%, and after 24 hours the room will be free of viruses.

ProtectAir disinfects by rapid oxidation: low concentrations of CIO2 gas come into contact with the microorganism shell and destroy proteins. CIO2 deactivates viral receptor binding and prevents viral replication.

ProtectAir destroys aggressive viruses, bacteria, allergens and other microbes without harming human, animal and environmental health.

ProtectAir combines the active ingredient, Chlorine Dioxide (ClO2), with a sustained release formula, allowing the active ingredient to cover the entire space evenly.

Unlike standard chlorine material, ClO2 is not a carcinogen.

ProtectAir is unique in that it emits minuscule doses of chlorine dioxide. This allows it, on the one hand, to destroy viruses, and on the other, to remain completely safe for people and animals.

ProtectAir creates and maintains a secure indoor environment:

- In offices

- In the premises in which classes are held (schools, kindergartens, university auditoriums)

- In restaurants and cafes

- In the halls and locker rooms of sports complexes

- In elevators

- In taxi

- In the apartment (even if there is a patient with coronavirus)

The main advantages of ProtectAir:

- Disinfects indoor air, prevents the spread of bacteria and viruses

- Protects against coronavirus, pneumococcus and other epidemic viruses

- Reduces human exposure to allergens such as pollen

- Protects against pathogens of infectious diseases

- Neutralizes odors

At the moment, ProtectAir is the only effective tool on the Ukrainian market that can protect people in an enclosed space from infection.

For more information - Protectair.com.ua