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Competition of professionals in pharm industry of Ukraine "Panacea" was conducted in live stream

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On December 4, 2020, the winners of the XXI competition of professionals in the pharmaceutical industry of Ukraine "Panacea" were awarded. For the first time in history  the award ceremony was conducted in a live stream, where viewers could join online and experience the event from home.

The pharmaceutical industry has always been a driver of Ukraine’s economy and is one of the top 3 fastest growing markets. This difficult year has made its adjustments. Thus during the opening of the live stream awards ceremony Maksym Stepanov, Minister of Health of Ukraine noted that the COVID-19 pandemic has become a challenge for all healthcare systems worldwide: “The pharmaceutical industry, as part of the system, is at the forefront of battling the coronavirus. Working as a coordinated mechanism, it carries out uninterrupted supplies of medicines. The problems of society were not left out either, directing social projects to equip hospitals, supply protective equipment for doctors, and so on. The challenges that life has posed on us have mobilised the pharmaceutical industry.”

Analysis of the activity of the pharmaceutical market, fixation of the main changes, determination of the leaders of the branch is the main goal of the Annual Competition of Professionals of the Pharmaceutical Industry of Ukraine “Panacea”. In 2020 they were:

  1. Nomination “Online Search Engine for Ordering Medical Products” – a modern marketplace that received the trust of its clients and partners: Tabletki.ua.
  2. Nomination “Educational Project of the Year” – Acino, with the project: Smart-Solutions in Medical Education: Auditorium of Dreams.
  3. Nomination “Quarantine Project of the Year” – Apteka 9-1-1, with the project: Free Delivery of Goods for Mothers and Children.
  4. Nomination “Project of the Year”:
    1. Bionorica, with the Internet Resource for Pharmacists “Clinical Pharamcy”.
    2. Teva, as the Leader in the Field of Cardiovascular Diseases in the Government Program “Accessible Medicines”.
  5. Nomination “Social Project of the Year” – Acino, with the All-Ukrainian Social Project “Your Unlimited World”.
  6. Nomination “Over-the-Counter Medicine of the Year”:
    1. Among immunostimulants – Amixin IC, InterChem.
    2. Among psychostimulants and nootropic drugs – Bifren, Acino.
    3. Among the antigonatropic drugs – Mastodynon, Bionorica.
    4. Among the remedies for the treatment of haemorrhoids for topical use – Relief, Bayer.
    5. Among analgesics and antipyretics – Helpex, MoviHealth.
  7. Nomination “Prescription Medicine of the Year”:
    1. Among the agents used in gout, uric acid inhibitors – Adenuric, Berlin-Chemie Menarini.
    2. Among psycholeptics – Gidazepam IC, InterChem.
    3. Among non-steroidal anti-inflammatory and anti-rheumatic drugs, propionic acid derivatives – Dexalgin, Berlin-Chemie Menarini.
    4. Among the angiotensin II antagonists and calcium channel blockers – Difors, Acino.
    5. Among the psycholeptics derived from benzodiazepines – Levana IC, InterChem.
    6. Among the anti-inflammatory drugs in combination with chondroprotectors – Movex Active, MoviHealth.
    7. Among psychoanaleptics, sympathomimetics of central action – Nuvigil, Teva.
    8. Among the antiparkinsonian drugs, dopamine antagonists – Pramipex, Acino.
    9. Among the antiseptics and disinfectants – Septil, Vishfa.
    10. Among the antibacterial agents, macrolides – Sumamed, Teva.
  8. Nomination “Biologically Active Substances” – among vitamins: Supradyn, Bayer.

Art always heals the soul. The works of the artist Alexander Klymenko and his philosophical view became part of the design of “Panacea 2020”. Special performances were also prepared for the audience of the live stream. Radu Poclitaru is an artist whose productions are known for their bold experiments and attract attention with their unexpected reading of world-famous theatrical plots. The choreographer is famous for new forms and enrichment of modern dance. His Kyiv Ballet Theatre took part in the award ceremony this year. And the winners of the competition, as always, were waiting for awards made by the sculptor – Andriy Zigura.

The Organizers

Production Company Zdorovo is the organiser of the Annual Competition of Professionals of the Pharmaceutical Industry “Panacea” as well as the Marketing Business Conference of the Pharmaceutical Industry of Ukraine “Living Today”.

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