11:24 19.05.2020

How Education Facilities transform Tech Companies: Phase One Karma's experience

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Universities around the world inspire the EdTech industry to create a profound learning experience at their workplace. Phase One Karma is a great example of this phenomenon, according to its COO& Co-Founder Artem Fenkovskyi.

This might come as a surprise to you, but Phase One Karma was a software company that launched Unicheck back in 2014. For some time, P1K’s attention was devoted solely to perfecting and promoting Unicheck. However, now that Phase One Karma is no longer a shareholder of Unicheck, Phase One Karma is focused on creating other tech products that would be as meaningful and inspiring as its firstborn.

P1K's COO& Co-Founder Artem Fenkovskyi shared some of the main insights into how working in EdTech reshaped Phase One Karma's approach to business, human resources, and working philosophy.

"When we started out with Unicheck, we were completely focused on the product, which is a good thing for any beginner in the tech industry. We wanted our NLP perfect, our design convenient, and our impact as large as possible."

But after years in the business, Phase One Karma gained additional priority: learning and self-realization of its people.

“While promoting Unicheck, we’ve been observing the same picture across the world for years: enthusiastic education industry workers striving to create an environment for genuine learning experience and intellectual creativity. It was so contagious and inspiring!”

P1K has absorbed the spirit of education and is now transforming its internal policies. It is creating a meaningful corporate library, making sure it's space is inclusive and well-equipped for sports, recreation and healthy eating habits. Of course, making work a lively and fun experience is a signature of the entire tech industry, but Phase One Karma is aimed to strike further.

“Somewhere along the way, we realized that our product was not just a  plagiarism checker that made the education process more transparent. It was also key to ensuring a conscious and unique sharing of ideas. That was something that inspired the entire philosophy behind P1K.”

As a result, Phase One Karma is now trying to create a space for work, recreation, and self-development, self-excellence and personal growth in a fun and inclusive environment. In other words, just like universities create strong bonds and inspire group cooperation, P1K is trying to create a healthy and productive community within a company.

"I want our team to feel this community is so much more than just a place to work in. It is a place for socializing, sharing experience and ideas, being sincere and open. To become a desired, highly satisfying part of their life — that's the ultimate goal, I guess."

Whether this mutual help between education facilities and software companies in EdTech will make an industry shift is an exciting question to be answered. In the meantime, let's appreciate how progressive universities are able to teach people in this extracurricular way.