14:38 31.03.2020

SmartTender Joins the Fight Against COVID-19

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Life is not only about work, but also about good deeds, for which time should always remain. From March 31, 2020, to counteract the exacerbation of the pandemic, the SmartTender electronic trading platform provides free access to the procurement of medical materials and devices: mechanical ventilation apparatus, masks for workers, antiseptics, rubber gloves, non-contact thermometers, respirators, etc.

At the beginning of last week, we already provided full free access to trading functionality to the UFOND – Ukrainian Assistance Fund. SmartTender also publishes a special daily digest #тендери_stopcovid19 that includes the main procurements of state-owned enterprises and medical institutions related to the COVID-19 coronavirus epidemic.

From now on and until the end of quarantine, we grant full access to freely create procurement on our platform to counter the spread of infection, as well as use the electronic document management service – SmartSign, for not only charitable foundations but also other participants in this struggle:

  • commercial companies;
  • private medical facilities;
  • local focal points and headquarters of authorities.

To announce the procurement of goods necessary to fight infection, or to participate in such tenders, you just need to register on the SmartTender. Contact our managers for more information:

  • +38 044 337 86 64;
  • +38 044 364 50 45;
  • 0 800 75 10 10;
  • info@smarttender.biz.

We urge you to remain attentive to each other, to take care of yourself and your family, and not to ignore the problem that affects everyone. Please disseminate this information, be humane, and leave a place for good deeds in your life!

SmartTender is the official electronic public procurement platform of Prozorro system and the largest online commercial procurement platform in the country that provides users:

  1. The largest pool of suppliers of goods and services in Ukraine.
  2. Professional advice to help you quickly create the desired trades.
  3. Online help at every stage of the procurement process.
  4. Maximum support to attract more reliable suppliers.
  5. Free access for suppliers to commercial bidding.
  6. Free access to electronic document management SmartSign.

Join the fight against the epidemic of coronavirus COVID-19 and win with SmartTender!