17:30 26.02.2020

Cyberspace Strategies in Action — Topics and Speakers

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On March 19, 2020, the city of Kyiv will host the Cyberspace Strategy in Action, Ukraine's major executive conference in cybersecurity.

In a connected digital world, no one can independently overcome challenges emerging in the cyberspace and affecting the majority of businesses. The goal of the conference is to consolidate key players from public agencies, private sector, and the academic community to jointly develop a safe cyberspace ecosystem in Ukraine and fight cybercrime.


Cyberspace Strategies in Action is the first step in this cooperation and a platform to meet and share experiences in the strategic areas of cybersecurity. Our speakers are Ukrainian and international experts, as well as C-level executives at influential businesses and public agencies.


The following cases of strategic vision and cooperation in cybersecurity are among key discussion topics and presentations:

Arsen Avakov, Minister of Internal Affairs of Ukraine, will present the concept of cyberpolice development.

Andriy Kobolev, Chairman of the Board, NJSC Naftogaz of Ukraine, will tell about cybersecurity practices and strategies at the critical infrastructure enterprise.

John Liau, Resident Agent in Charge, United States Secret Service, will review the case studies of public-private partnership and effective cooperation between the U.S. law enforcement bodies and businesses.

International experts Matt LaVigna (President&CEO National Cyber Forensic and Training Alliance, the U.S.), Carsten Meywirth, Designated Head of the Cybercrime Division, Bundeskriminalamt, Germany, Tyson Johnson (Chief Operations Officer, CyberNB, Canada) will take part in a discussion panel devoted to the role of non-governmental organizations in the development of cybersecurity strategy.

Volodymyr Pavelko, co-founder and CEO, Global Cyber Cooperative Center (GCCC - GC3), will present the concept of an independent integration platform for the Ukrainian cybercommunity.


Cybersecurity is the key factor influencing business performance. The challenges of digital transformation, strategic alliances, and humanitarian aspects will be discussed in the second track of the conference:

Volodymyr Borodyansky, Minister of Culture, Youth, and Sport of Ukraine, will speak about humanitarian strategy in the digital era.

Lothar Renner, Managing Director Cybersecurity EMEAR at Cisco, is experienced in the development of the cybersecurity ecosystem. He will tell about the features of partnerships in cyberspace and the orchestration of such alliances.

We will also discuss case studies and new approaches to business development, i.e. how cybersecurity influences the effectiveness, and what threats are possible.


A separate track will be devoted to future development in the digital era. Digitalization and digital transformation trends will be in the spotlight.

Oleksiy Yankovsky, KPMG partner, Head of Practice in IT and Cybersecurity, will highlight the current situation in cybersecurity and the future cyberthreats.

David Piggot, Chief Information Security Officer Qintel, is also a lector at Carnegie Mellon University (the U.S.). He will share his experience in cybersecurity risk management and CISO training.


More about the conference program and participation: https://cyberconf.com.ua


Organizer – GC3 (Global Cyber Cooperative Center),

Supported by Ministry of Interior Affairs of Ukraine, NJS Naftogaz of Ukraine, Cyber Police Department of the National Police of Ukraine