15:42 28.11.2019

Military tour: discover the new level of entertainment

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Adventure, excitement, extreme – this is what attracts many Ukrainian men. Thus the war games have been always considered as truly male entertainment, more than any other activity.

And now modern men cannot deny themselves the pleasure of participating in a well-organized military adventure.

The Kiev Military Tour http://militarytour.net/ with driving real military equipment, shooting and other relevant entertainment awaits you. It is not just an excursion, and not even an opportunity to touch the technique with your hands. Under the guidance of experienced instructors, you will find yourself ‘at the helm’, and you will be able to get the whole range of an exciting feeling of taking armored vehicles under your total control.

An unforgettable experience for real men
If you are fond of extreme tourism – Kiev Military Tour has something interesting for you. It’s a unique chance to learn everything about military vehicles. You will not just take a ride on the tank or APC (armoured personnel carrier) known in Ukraine as ‘BTR’ – you will drive it! And you’ll not just see how the weapon rifles – you’ll be shooting with your own hands!

This is your chance to try the military vehicles which can help you to get to the places where you can’t either go on foot or drive on the car. This out-of-road adventure will demonstrate that there are no serious obstacles for the real man.

What does the Kiev Military Tour offer
Are you always hitting the mark? Don’t lose your chance to shoot the АК-47 – one of the most famous assault rifles in the world, and test your aiming accuracy.

Do you have your nerve and training to drive military armoured cross-country vehicle produced by the USSR? Kiev Military tour gives you a chance to test yourself driving:

·  military all-terrain vehicle, which is one of the most impressive types of armored equipment created by brilliant Soviet engineers;

·  APC-80 (armoured personnel carrier) is the most popular modern military armoured vehicles;

·  ARPV (armoured reconnaissance and patrol vehicle) – is a creation of the Soviet engineers, as well as the armored personnel carriers;

·  Extreme offers: life firing tours, fishing tour, flying on a plane, Chernobyl tour, Nuclear Missile Base Tour,

·  and special tours that consider all your wishes.

All tours include transfer from Kiev to polygon and back, insurance, field kitchen, driving armoured vehicles. And, of course, you will join any of these tours in the company of an experienced instructor, who does everything possible to ensure your safety. After all, even the most active entertainment should not seriously endanger your health. There are better reasons to risk your lives than just active weekend. And Military Tours organizers know this quite well.

Be where the action is!
Military tourism is an interesting direction of the tourist industry. Many countries use it for raising the interest of young people to the heroic or tragic history of the nation. After all, for you, it is not only an opportunity to experience your courage and luck. It’s also a unique chance to get to know your ancestors’ military past to understand them better.

And the fun of this man's weapons and military equipment of games will bring you an unforgettable experience. Go it alone – and take a powerful military vehicle under your complete control. Ride with your friends – and this weekend will rally your company more than ever.

The military tour is entertainment which can bring something special for everyone.