15:29 04.11.2019

Heritage of Ataturk to be commemorated by AtaGala Charity event

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Premier charity AtaGala event will honor the legacy of the Father of Turks Mustafa Kemal Ataturk and plant trees to fight air pollution.

The Charity Event AtaGala will be held in the Hilton Hotel Kyiv on 22 November for the first time. The mission of the AtaGala is to honor the legacy of the great statesman of Turkey, Mustafa Kemal Ataturk while contributing to a good cause.

Ukraine and the Republic of Turkey are neighbors geographically and both countries have expansive expat communities originating from the neighboring state. Just judging by the mere quantity of Turkish eateries in Kyiv it is easy to conclude, that Kyiv is home to thousands of Turkish nationals, who are actively contributing to the country's economy & culture.

Many Turkish companies established their presence in the top tier of their respective niches, being the household names in Ukraine: Lifecell, Express TehBud, Turkish airlines, Polar Seafood, Unice, Onur Construction, Lacoste, Güncel and many others.

The history of the 2 countries had ups and downs throughout times, but now Ukraine-Turkey's relationship is positively mutually beneficial with multiple common businesses, cultural and economic projects between 2 governments.

It was with the support on the highest diplomatic levels, that the AtaGala event was conceived. The honorary embassy of the Turkish Republic kindly extended all the support to the event, recognizing the importance of such benevolent gatherings for the Turkish community living abroad. The figure of Mustafa Kemal Atatürk is revered world over, his legacy goes far beyond his era and his reforms have impacted the entire continent, closing the gap between the East and the West. It was with enthusiasm the Ambassador Extraordinary and Plenipotentiary of the Turkish republic Mr. Yönet Can Tezel met the idea to get together to remember the greatness of the Father of the Turkish nation while supporting a charitable cause.

The environmental issue was chosen by the AtaGala public association for many reasons. First, the deteriorating climate world over was further negatively affected by the wildfires, that spread across Amazon, Siberia and even California this year. Secondly, tree-planting appears to be one of the very limited number of available tools on how to reverse global warming. Thirdly, with Ataturk being the inspiration for the event, the organizers felt, that being a great believer in science on one hand and a relentless advocate of human rights, on the other hand, he would have supported this idea.

Anna Bilous-Breus, who is in charge of the tree-planting project among other functions, is in the process of choosing the best plot of land for the tree planting mission in spring. She comments: “I was happy to support the head of the AtaGala Omer Ozzy Bekmezci in this idea to plant trees. Like all millennials and a parent, I am concerned with the future, that the next generation may face, if our generation doesn't take action. We trust, that this issue would have resonated with Mustafa Kemal Ataturk, as he once said: “Science is the most real guide for civilization, for life, for success in the world”. So following the words of this indisputably wise statesman and a visionary of global scale, we decided to plant trees, so the next generation can breathe more freely”.

The event only opened for support a few weeks ago and only 2 tables of 25 are left to be filled. The community met the idea of honoring the Father of the Turks in Kyiv by a charitable Gala dinner with eagerness and many companies extend their support to the event.

OKDZ company, which managed to establish itself as one of the leading producers and suppliers of rubble in Ukraine is very keen to support both ideas - honoring Ataturk's legacy and helping the nature of Ukraine. The company takes environmental issues seriously, so the cause supported by the AtaGala charity event resonated with company’s values and vision. "It is important humanity cares to give back to the nature", the company's CEO deputy Dmytriy Tsivun commented.

Polar Seafood Ukraine, one of the leading exporters of seafood to Ukraine
with over 30 years in the market and 100+ items on the product list, is proud to offer the support to the event. Nitesh Pal, the director of the Polar Seafood Ukraine, comments: “Having lived in Ukraine for 7 years, and working with Ukraine since 1996, I see how the Turkish community grows and contributes more to the local economy year after year. It is an honor to support the cause and I am certainly looking forward to a memorable black-tie night in this select company. As a manager in a senior position myself, I appreciate the grand scale of reforms, that Ataturk managed to implement across the country. He was a man of many talents, and I believe, one of the most efficient managers of all time in the history of the world. His economic, educational, cultural efforts brought results, whose fruit we are still enjoying. This is why our company decided to proudly support this Premier charity”.

The event program features authentic entertainment with Ege and Erkut Sezer flying from Turkey to perform. Pavlo Shymkiv, also known as DJ Pasha, will be hosting the event and promises to hold the most dramatic silent auction. Ukrainian performer is not yet disclosed for a surprise effect during the night.

The event is just 3 weeks away and the high society keeps the date and gets their bow ties & night dresses ready. With any luck, another twenty people may still join this gathering of benevolent people who love Turkey and Ukraine.

AtaGala event will honor the Father of the Turkish nation on the 22 November in Hilton Hotel Kyiv. For more details please contact organizers at info@atagala.com.