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Stef du Plessis "How to create a winning workplace culture"

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Oct 22, 2019 | Ramada Encore Kyiv

The unwritten rules (Unwritten Ground Rules) or UGRs build the real atmosphere about "how
does it work" in the company. They are the drivers of human behavior, but they rarely speak
openly. Although UGRs are the components of workplace culture in the company.
"Understand UGRs and you'll understand corporate culture," advises Stef du Plessis.
Stef du Plessis is an international expert on the creation of effective workplace culture and
employee engagement. He helps companies to improve their final results by implementing
organizational changes and transformations of companies or individual teams. Stef gives a "
Unwritten Ground Rules " - simple and effective methods for the improvement of working
atmosphere in the team and to creating a workplace of the winner, which is able every day to
surpass myself and inspire others to show their best qualities in relation to colleagues and

If your employees happy will be happy, your customers your customers will be happy too!
STEF’S CUSTOMERS – hundreds of companies around the world, they are companies from
various industries, including the public sector. Here are just a few of them: Deloitte, Duracell,
John Deere, KFC, McLaren, Mercedes Benz, Reebok, MDRT, Pfizer, RBS, Regus, Sagicor, 3M,
Avis, Barclays, Barrick, Bayer, Bidvest, BMW, Defy.
• How to use the potential of your people?
• How to create a workplace where the contributions of people really valued, and where
people "want to work"? How to improve the performance of the company and to reinforce the
• How to make your people consciously "doing what you're doing", and thus, looking for more
opportunities to improve skills required for your business.
"Thank you very much for a great event and provided materials. Sure yesterday I received
knowledge and experience will serve us a great service" - Oksana Cart, HR Manager of farm
"I'm happy attended the master class Stef du Plessis. I came with a clear assurance that the
established corporate culture difficult to change, but after listening to Stef came out and he
gave a leap at the possible changes," Elena Maznitsina, HR Avys Telecom
"Awesome theme, great speaker! Gave practical tools, not just theory" - Tikhonenko, Olga,
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