13:45 23.11.2018

In Kyiv, a large-scale discussion of problems, trends and innovations among real estate developers took place

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On November 9, 2018 in the international exhibition congress center of Kyiv “Ukrainian House” a second large-scale forum was held - Residential Development Forum 2018 (II ForumRED), at which professional development cases from more than 20 speakers were presented. The organizer of the forum was the developer communication platform @Red Community.

Among the participating speakers: representatives of such companies as LUN, UKRBUD, Perfect Group, DIM Group, Alliance Group, Kiev Standard, Seven Hills Group, 4PS, Association of Financial Institutions, National Bank of Ukraine, Z-Capital, Globus Bank, Eclipse, SvitSoft, Adcore and others.

The forum consisted of three main parts and two expert express panels, during which strategies for housing development were discussed. In particular, the development of the real estate segment in a saturated market, the financing of residential properties and financial instruments for developers, which strategies the companies of Kyiv, the Kyiv region and Ukraine will choose.

Thus, a member of the Better Regulation Delivery Office (BRDO), Olena Shulyak, in her report on whether residential real estate is alive, provided statistics according to which since 2000, 3.3% of housing in Ukraine has been built, and the industry share for 2017 is 2.3 %

One of the main topics of the event was the existing instruments for financing of residential properties, their impact on sales and the buyer’s opportunity to purchase square meters. Among the discussed areas: credit programs and working with banks, assessment of the effectiveness of using the construction finance fund and AMC, tax nuances and possible changes in legislation, the impact of existing financial instruments on the development of the real estate market and the purchasing power of citizens, customer loyalty, and the potential of the rental housing market .

Regarding the latter, expert representatives of companies such as COF, Alliance Group, Kiev Standard, “Totum” Law Firm, as well as the residential complex “Boulevard of Fountains” discussed rental strategies and the formation of a professional rental market. In particular, the CEO of Residential Development Solutions, Yaroslava Chapko, identified such problems of this segment: the lack of management companies and the unpredictability of tenants, the small interest of the latter in renting for long periods in the houses of the old foundation, the lack of practice in renting even though it is perfectly implemented abroad.

The issues of innovative approaches in the implementation of facilities, research of the target audience, new trends and virtual technologies, marketing and digital strategies were also touched upon. Among the new products: a number of relevant tools for the buyer to choose housing based on quality indicators, virtual tours of apartments and local area from LUN, which were introduced by the co-founder of LUN Andrey Mima. The concept of electronic management of the real estate project from the Dutch company 4PS was also presented. “Interfax” conducted an educational program on cooperation with the media, and the “SODA digital advertising group” presented a vision of correct information work with a potential client through social networks.

During the forum, both professional and informal communication was conducted among top managers, marketers and sales specialists of the residential real estate market and leading companies in marketing, advertising and PR.

Also at the Residential Development Forum in the exhibition area were presented IT and other innovative sales solutions from such companies as Marketcall, Svitsoft, Smart business, Ringostat, Vrnet.io, Asset Management City Asset Management and OneBox CRM + ERP.

Tetiana Shulga, CEO of RED Community, announced the holding of the next, third forum by RED Community in 2019, thereby confirming that it will be annual, and also shared some plans for the next year. In particular, new formats will be introduced on the basis of the community, such as specialized trainings for sales professionals, CEO consulting, a special program for participants from regions and a special program for personal participation.

The forum was held with the support of the strategic partner - LUN, the general media partner - Interfax-Ukraine information agency, the regional media partner - KievVlast information and analytical online issue, the media partner - financial portal Minfin, the exclusive media partner - Profiles Magazine Deluxe; Partners of the express panels were the financial company Z-Capital and the law firm “Totum”.

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