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Why Is it a Good Idea to Check VIN Number Before Buying Preowned Vehicle?

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If you are going to dip into your bank account and spend a significant sum of money on a pre-owned vehicle, the chances are that you’ll do everything you can to make sure that you get value for your hard-earned cash.

Oftentimes that means you might want to check out the vehicle in person, and perhaps take it for a test drive. If you’re like the best of us folks, you’ll probably go ahead and probe the seller. When did you buy the car? Has it been written off? Are you the current owner of the vehicle? Is it registered? … the list of possible questions to ask the vehicle owner goes on and on. But, the bigger question is: how can you be sure that the seller is being truthful?

There’s a simpler, more effective way to do this: obtain the vehicle’s history report. It is an hassle-free and reliable way to garner all the vital information about the car’s history without having to ask the seller, and all you’ve to do is ask for the vehicle’s VIN. That’s where a VIN Check comes into the picture. It is the single-most proficient way to obtain a holistic vehicle’s history report in any state or Territory in Australia.

What actually is a VIN Check?

The vehicle’s VIN is more than just a serial code used for registration; the unique code can unlock amazing insights into a vehicle’s history, including manufacturing, ownership transfers, insurance claims, write-offs, and much more. A VIN Check is a way of obtaining crucial information about a car’s history based on data available from PPSR (Personal Properties and Securities Register) and NEVDIS (National Exchange of Vehicle and Driver Information System).
Depending on the provider, a VIN Check should be able to yield a detailed, easy-to-read report of the history of the vehicle. So, whenever you are looking to purchase a pre-owned car, it is wise to perform a VIN check on the car. It doesn’t matter if you are in Western Australia or QLD, you’ll find the information you’re looking for to make a better-informed decision.
Benefits: Why Doing a VIN Check is a Great Idea?

Know the Vehicle’s Write-Off Status

The odds are that you are wondering if the vehicle you’re about to buy has ever been involved in an accident. If you are dealing with a dodgy seller who is out to make quick money, there’s a good chance he or she will not reveal to you if it has ever been written off.

The truth is, automobiles that have been involved in accidents can be written off, repaired, and made roadworthy once more. Lucky for you, a VIN Check will return the write-off status of a vehicle in no time. Even more, you will receive further information about the accident and subsequent repairs required to make the car safe for the road.

Knowing a car’s write-off status can help you in myriads of ways. For starters, most vehicles that have been involved in accidents tend to be lemons. It’s always wise to stay away from them. If you’re still interested, however, this info gives you an upper hand when it comes to negotiating for an even better price.

Finance Check: Does the Seller Still Owe Money on the Vehicle?

Are you wondering if there’s an encumbrance on the car you’re trying to purchase? Just glance over the “finance check” section of a VIN Check report. If you aren’t familiar with the term encumbrance, it simply refers to a situation whereby the car is part of a loan, and there’s still money left owed on it.

A good instance of encumbrance is if the vehicle was used as collateral to take out a car loan. Thanks to VIN Check, you will be able to know right away if the loan attached to the vehicle has been fully paid off or not. After all, the last thing you want is for the car to be repossessed by the lender when the seller defaults on the loan payments.

These are just but a few benefits of carrying out a VIN Check. With this information at your disposal, you can buy a pre-owned vehicle with confidence.