16:43 08.09.2017

New semester in Greenwich school

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Greenwich – is a net of English and German schools. There are three departments in Kyiv with comfortable location: Zoloti Vorota, Bessarabka and Podil.

New semester has begun for all levels. Start of classes: 11.09.2017.

Enrolling to groups is started and is still lasting. Passing a test and booking a suitable group is possible via a link: http://greenwich.org.ua

No matter what purposes you have, Greenwich offers you:

Corporate learning, individual lessons and lessons in Pair.

General Course or Intensive one, as well as Business English and Speaking clubs with native speakers in addition (all the clubs are for free for our students).

+ Speaking Club, Business Workshop and Sitcom Club – as an extra motivation and language practice. Clubs' schedule is always available on the website: http://greenwich.org.ua

Why to choose General (English and German) courses?

- 70% of written tasks you do at home;

- 70% of a lesson you play games and have interactive tasks;

- 80% of a lesson you speak;

- 100% of a lesson is in English;

- Speaking/ Sitcom clubs and Business Workshops are included in the price.

We have done a program of a basic course with the use of well-known Communicative Approaches and methods: CLT, GTM, Direct method, the Silent Way, TBL, TPR, Lexical and Functional Approaches. This course includes work with all the aspects of English, but the main point – is to teach you "how to communicate." No more boring theory and hours-long checking home assignment.

Why to choose Business English course:

- Business only (We do not speak about: the weather, hotels or cinema. Our topics are connected with things, used in Business life);

- Speaking focus (First of all, we teach you how to speak – 80% of a lesson you speak, 70% of written tasks are done at home, 100% of the lesson is in English. Students are involved in discussions during classes);

- Practical skills (Special phrases, utterances, idioms and knowledge, which will help you to lead a presentation, an important Skype Call or negotiations in English and, of course, to write a letter, to compile a resume and pass a job interview);

- Comprehension (We teach you to listen to and to understand an interlocutor, because it is as important, as speaking. For this purpose we use audio and video tasks);

- Developed in collaboration with industry experts (Having worked out a program, we have consulted specialists of numerous spheres: e-commerce, banking, HR, IT, media etc. – and have taken into account their wishes);

- Speaking/ Sitcom clubs and Business Workshops are included in the price.

Greenwich school – is Possibilities, which leads you to new Knowledge; games at English lessons; new acquaintances; aromatic coffee with teacher at breaks; an atmosphere of coziness and calmness in stylish rooms in the city centre. Join us and make sure that it is really so.

More details about Greenwich School and classes you can find on the website and calling the following numbers: http://greenwich.org.ua

ZOLOTI VOROTA: Prorizna Street 18/1g. Tel: (063) 105 8104; (067) 503 8119; (095) 687 2160.

BESSARABKA: Beseina Street 1/2. Tel: (073) 485 9267; (098) 633 2794; (095) 879 4551.

PODIL: Kyrylivska Street 3. Tel: (067) 504 3133; (095) 568 5605.


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