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The shopping center as an impulse for the economy

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The leasable area is 127,000 square m, the amusement park is 20,000 square m, the water park is 10,000 square m, the unique light and music fountain, more than 500 modern shops, 50 catering establishments, a 13-hall cinema, 6,000 parking places, more than 1,500 involved workers and the expected 100,000 visitors daily, these are dry figures behind which the largest business opportunities are opening not only for Kyiv but also for the entire country. The press service of the Urban Experts company, the consultant and leasing agent of the Lavina Mall is reporting about the constructing and coming opening of the project.

The Lavina Mall is the first Ukrainian mega mall, located on Academician Palladin Avenue, within the existing trade zone of Auchan and Epicenter. The total area of the mega mall (first and second stage) is more than 170,000 sq. m.

More than 1,500 professionals are involved in the Lavina Project, all works are going according to the schedule, and in July, the tenants have begun reconstruction and repairing work getting ready for the September opening.

According to the author of the concept and the Lavina Mall leasing agent Vitaly Boyko, who is a director of Urban Experts, now occupancy under the contracts is 60%, 20% more is at the stage of final approvals. 15% of the area is reserved for rental after opening in order to maximize the rental price. The concept of a shopping center assumes the presence of not only the largest and already well-known brands, but also small and medium-sized producers, first of all, Ukrainian brands. Taking into account the state of the market even a small shop, which will be able to submit an original and interesting brand products can get a place in the shopping center of the regional level.

Entertainment area

The largest theme park in Ukraine, Galaxy, is 15% of the entire territory of the mega mall. This is the first park of such a size and type in Eastern Europe. According to Vitaly Boyko, Galaxy should be a part of a network of entertainment centers in Kyiv, including five projects in different areas of the city. In late July, the installation of all the equipment for the Galaxy, namely 20 different (seven extreme and 13 family amusement rides), about 200 game-playing machines.

Attractions are designed specifically for Lavina by the world leaders in the production of Amusement rides. They worked on equipment such amusement parks as Disneyland, the Europe park, PortAventura, Universal. "Filling the amusement and entertainment equipment makes it possible to meet the entertainment needs of all age groups. Manufacturers are the world leaders in the production of attractions, among them are Vekoma, Zamperla, SBF, Walltopia, SEGA, Triotech and others," Alyona Humenyuk, a Project Manager of the investor (the investor is Mandarin Plaza), said.

During the second phase of the mall the opening of the extreme Water Park, with an area of 10,000 sq. m., is expected. It will be complete the entertainment area to the max.

For movie-goers the biggest in the Multiplex network 13-hall cinema has been created. The monthly expected number of visitors is 70,000 people, the total amount of investments is $5.5 million. The feature is that in addition to movies and cartoons, it offers to view on the big screens of the cinema masterpieces of theater performance, opera and ballet, matches of the Ukrainian football teams in the Champions League and the Europa League, international broadcast eSports tournaments and much more.

As Vitaly Pisarenko, the commercial director of the Multiplex network (http://urbanexperts.co/en/the-biggest-cinema-multiplex-in-lavina-mall/) mentioned, in the new theater the most daring and creative solutions are designed. In the design concept of the theater the lighting and projection technology will be used that will make the theater like a living organism. "We can say that cinema in the Lavina Mall will be one of the most beautiful in Kyiv, the most modern in the Multiplex network and the largest in Ukraine in size," Vitaly Pisarenko emphasized.

In the center, there is a giant light and music fountain, which consists of 70 mechanical sprayers with a maximum height of the jets up to seven meters. Daily visitors of Lavina will enjoy a light show. After opening the Lavina Mall, the Vinnitsa fountain may lose the palm.

100,000 visitors a day?

The mega mall is located on a fast passenger flow within the existing shopping area. The neighbours of Lavina are Auchan and Epicenter, which collect about 30 000 visitors, Lavina promises 80,000 — 100,000 per day.

If all conditions are met, namely the existing passenger traffic, the shopping district, the unique entertainment area, the growing consumption and the tourist attractiveness of Ukraine, the Lavina Mall will be on demanded by both consumers and tenants. Despite the economic problems, the vacancy rate in shopping centers in Kyiv is still low, and the user chooses the highest quality and interesting projects (in Ocean Plaza, Sky Mall, Caravan, where the average attendance is 60,000 visitors per day http://prezi.com/3ki5qt4peh-j/?utm_campaign=share&utm_medium=copy).

In order to accommodate the maximum number of guests more than 6,000 parking lots are created, and together with hypermarkets, there are 10,000 parking places. If we compare the total number of registered Kyiv car parking, the number of parking places will increase by 2.4%.

To have managed by September 1

Construction is about to end: all the necessary external and internal engineering works have been completed so far, the emphasis is on ensuring uninterrupted electricity supply, exterior finishing, laying tiles, installation of decorative plaster ceilings, front systems and translucent structures in the vast atriums.

Rooms' fascia farms aluminum composite panels of TM Alyufas (a total area of about 16,500 square meters) is going on, as well as Italian tiles of manufacturer IMOLA are being laid in the corridors of public areas: https://www.facebook.com/lavinamalll/photos/a.1010749178972127.1073741828.1009875622392816/1039843702729341/?type=3&theater

Finishing of the technical and administrative premises is about the end: work began on cutting boutique zones and installation of aluminum composite panels on the facade of the building (a total area of approximately 7,000 square meters).

The uniqueness of the building of Lavina is that ETFE-film to cover the Grand Atrium and the round atrium (total area — 3,441 square meters) is used. This is a self-cleaning translucent insulating film. It allows you to implement any architectural form, to block the most infrared radiation, and it is a hundred times lighter than glass.

As early as September 1st, the Lavina Mall will open its doors, and the first stores will start their work.

For lease in Lavina, please email to: rent@urbanexperts.co

For more details, please visit: http://urbanexperts.co/en/project/lavina-mall-tm/