13:52 27.01.2020

All-Ukrainian NGO Community-Native Donbas created to assist achieving peace in Donbas, reintegration, restoration – Bakhteeva

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KYIV. Jan 27 (Interfax-Ukraine) - The All-Ukrainian NGO Community-Native Donbas was founded on January 9 and has set itself the goal of achieving peace in Donbas, reintegrating the region into Ukraine and restoring it.

"We are all united by the fact that we come from Donbas and that we are all Ukrainians. The goal of our organization is to unite everyone together in a very difficult time in the name of only one word - peace. This is a difficult, but the most important word. The whole of Ukraine needs peace because without it there will be no prosperous Ukraine. And without the Donbas there will be no successful, prosperous Ukraine," Tetiana Bakhteeva, Honored Doctor of Ukraine, parliamentarian of previous convocations, said at a news conference at the Interfax-Ukraine news agency on Monday.

She emphasized that the three goals of this organization are peace in Donbas, the reintegration of Donbas and the restoration of Donbas.

"Peace is what millions of people dream of. We hope that with our help and with the help of the actions carried out by President Volodymyr Zelensky, which we saw in the Normandy format talks, there will certainly be peace," Bakhteeva said.

The ex-MP said the conflict in Donbas has killed more than 13,000 people, of whom there are more than 130 children. At least 200 children were injured.

"Adults and children in the 21st century in the center of Europe should not die from shells and bullets," she said.

Bakhteeva believes that only the help of the state is not enough for people affected by the hostilities, displaced people, and the organization Community-Native Donbas was created for this purpose.

Members of the organization include ex-MP, NORD holding company President Valentyn Landyk, multiple champion of the Paralympic Swimming Games, honorary citizen of Donetsk and Slovyansk Viktor Smyrnov, former deputy head of the Donetsk Regional State Administration Borys Adamov and singer and public figure Hanna Slavska.

Adamov noted that the organization plans to interact with the Ministry of Veterans, Temporarily Occupied Territories and Internally Displaced Persons, which has many functions.

"It's like putting a huge amount of cargo on a horse, making it impossible to move," he said.

According to him, the organization has the necessary intellectual and human potential to actively help in resolving all issues related to the conflict in Donbas and its consequences.