14:42 12.03.2019

300 medals were handed on the dancing festival “Parad nadij”

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In two days  more than 1000  sportsmen from 158 sport dancing clubs were on the parquet. Theirs performances were evaluated by 72 judges from Ukraine, USA, Italy, GB, China and so on. Also there was a “Foxtrot Cup” for the performance of the eponymous dance from the main festival partner – GoC Foxtrot and Hennadiy Vykhodtsev.

In Kyiv, on 9-10 of March there was an anniversary festival of sport dancing called “Parad nadij 2019”.  The organizers: Fedorchuk’s Dancing school, Ukrainian Association of sport dancing supported by Group of Companies Foxtrot.

“Partner Viennese waltz” became a big surprise for festival guests. The employees of “Parad nadij” partners – GoC Foxtrot, media partners “Dzerkalo tyzhnya. Ukraine”, UNIAN and First tourism center emerged on the parquet . Valentyna Fedorchuk, who is an unchangable tournament organizer, who has 30 years of  experience, is an honored coach of Ukraine, had presented to parades’ partners free 7 classes with waltz.

Hennady Vykhodtsev, CEO of GoC Foxtrot, commented: “For 17 years out of 30, Foxtrot has been  the main partner of this tournament. And our company is proud that we join to the development of sport dancing in Ukraine. We counted that near 26 000 sportsmen were on this parquet, that near 1000 judges  evaluated your efforts. We hope that we will meet there not once more”.

“Parad nadij” differs from others in that it appreciates everyone’s efforts, and because of that, all registered  dancers at the start got presents from one of the partners – TM “Sandora” for support.




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