23:05 13.03.2018

Businessman Pavel Fuks handed the Olympic champion Alexandr Abramenko and his coach 50 thousand dollars each

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Today in the Olympic house the ceremony of awarding Alexandr Abramenko and his coach Enver Ablaev took place. Olympic champion in freestyle was recognized as the best athlete in February 2018, and his coach - the head coach of the Ukrainian freestyle team - Enver Ablaev - the best coach of February. The athlete and coach received awards from the National Olympic Committee, as well as $50 thousand each from a businessman and philanthropist Pavel Fuks.

"This is a unique athlete and coach tandem. Enver, the athlete himself in the past, as no one understands what an athlete needs to achieve high results" - the head of the National Olympic Committee, Sergei Bubka, said during the award ceremony

"I myself was an athlete and I know perfectly well how important any support is. Talking to Alexandr and Enver, I once again realized how difficult the path to this brilliant victory was", - Pavel Fuks said during the award ceremony.

"Titanic work of Alexandr on the path to the Olympic medal delights. This is an example of the fact that dedication, willpower, systematic work and faith are the key to victory. Abramenko’s victory is a great motivation for the younger generation", - wrote a businessman in Telegram.

"I am convinced that business should support sports, and our patrons and businessmen should take an example from such wonderful initiatives," - Sergei Bubka added.

Earlier, a Ukrainian businessman Pavel Fuks announced that he had decided to finance at his own expense the payment of additional $50,000 for Olympic gold, $25,000 - for silver, and $15,000 - for bronze.

"According to the previously announced motivation program for athletes who stand for Ukraine in Pyeongchang, Alexandr Abramenko and his coach Enver Ablaev will receive from me for $50,000 each. I am proud of them together with the whole Ukraine!" - wrote a businessman in Telegram.

On February 18, 2018, Ukrainian Alexandr Abramenko won a gold medal in freestyle at the XXIII Winter Olympics in Pyeongchang. This is Ukraine’s first medal at the Olympics in Pyeongchang. In addition, Abramenko became the first man to win a gold medal at the Winter Olympics in the history of independent Ukraine.

Minister of Youth and Sports of Ukraine Igor Zhdanov announced the signing of an order to pay Alexandr Abramenko $125 000 as a reward, while President Petr Poroshenko personally congratulated the athlete on his victory at the 2018 Olympic Games. The head of state awarded Alexandr Abramenko and his coach Enver Ablaev the Order of Merit of the third degree. Abramenko received from Poroshenko an apartment certificate.

Photo sources: Paul Fuks's Telegram-channel and the National Olympic Committee website.