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Window Repair in Kyiv by "RemVikno"

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«RemVikno» has been operating since 2010.

All company personnel, from the dispatcher to the plastic window repair technician, have gone from being assemblers in plastic window manufacturing to high-rise installers.

Our team consists of highly qualified and experienced specialists.

Window Repair in Kyiv

In 2010, we noticed a trend where the quality of plastic windows was declining in favor of quantity, and a large city like Kyiv definitely needed a team of professionals capable of servicing PVC systems.

We provide high-quality and, most importantly, affordable service.

Contact us if you encounter the following issues:

  • Windows have sagged and are difficult to close.
  • The window seal has dried out and is letting in cold air.
  • The glass unit is broken.
  • The window hardware is malfunctioning.
  • The mosquito net is torn.
  • The glass units fog up, and mold appears on the slopes.

Our team performs the following tasks:

  • Repair of plastic windows and doors.
  • Adjustment, shimming, and tuning of windows.
  • Dismantling and installation of any complexity.
  • Replacement of glass units and window hardware.
  • Installation of blinds and mosquito nets.
  • Installation of anti-burglary hardware and security systems.

We provide a warranty of 1 year on all types of work. The company is also an official participant in the state program «Євідновлення».

If you have any questions, call us at: +380986084646 +380636084646

Or visit the official website of «RemVikno» https://regulirovka-okna.kiev.ua

Glass Unit Replacement in Kyiv

We also offer modern energy-efficient glass units. We recommend replacing single-chamber glass units with double-chamber ones, significantly reducing heat loss during the cold season and lowering cooling costs in summer.

We have fixed prices for all clients, and we have developed a convenient online calculator for glass unit replacement.

By following the link below, you can find out the current cost within a few minutes https://regulirovka-okna.kiev.ua/zamena-steklopaketov.

Source: "РемВікно" company