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Tours to Egypt from Chisinau 2024: how to relax successfully with ANEX Tour travel agency

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Rest on the Red Sea is one of the best budget options for a complete reset, psychological and physical rehabilitation for Ukrainians. Cheap tours to Egypt from Chisinau can be bought online in a few minutes on the official website of ANEX Tour travel agency. What recreation options do the best tour operator offer?

Hurghada: continental part of Africa

A vacation in Hurghada is suitable for fans of ancient Egyptian history and culture. From the resorts of Hurghada, it is convenient to get to the pyramids of Giza and the Sphinx, the Cairo Museum, the temples of Luxor, the Valley of the Kings with the tombs of Tutankhamun and Seti1. From Hurghada, tourists go on Nile cruises and visit the legendary Amarna and Abu Simbel.

Advantages of Hurghada hotels:

  1. many renovated all-inclusive hotels with a large area, dozens of pools and restaurants, and family recreation programs;
  2. a large selection of hotels near beaches with a sandy entrance to the water, convenient for a vacation in Egypt with children;
  3. three modern water parks with dozens of water attractions;
  4. well-developed tourist infrastructure, many interesting excursions;
  5. there are lots of restaurants, shops, and souvenir markets in the resort areas.

Fans of diving in Hurghada are waiting for diving in El Gouna, in the coral gardens of Fanadir reef, adventures on the sunken ship "Carnatic" and a 40-meter coral wall near the island of Abu Ramada. Popular trips to paradise islands, snorkelling in Sharm el-Naga Bay, and dinners in the desert.

Sharm El Sheikh: the south of the Sinai Peninsula

The authors of hotels in Sharm el-Sheikh tried to preserve the beauty of the "home" reefs: near the pontoon of their own hotel, it is easy to engage in snorkelling in the most beautiful living reefs. To the south of the resort area of Sharm el-Sheikh is the Ras Mohammed nature reserve with a unique underwater world.

The main differences of the bays of Sharm El Sheikh:

  1. Naama Bay. 700 meters of sandy beach with tall palm trees without wind. A beautiful promenade along the sea leads to the shopping districts.
  2. Nabk. Wide coastal part with corals, long, up to 400-900 meters, stationary piers, wonderful coral gardens. In winter there is a strong wind. For an evening promenade - La Strada shopping street.
  3. Ras Nasrani. The magnificence of the underwater world in a bay sheltered from the wind complements relaxation in VIP-class hotels.
  4. Sharks Bay. Only high-class all-inclusive hotels. Beach terraces are well protected from the wind, there is no strong undertow in the sea. The famous Soho Square with shopping and entertainment centers is within walking distance.
  5. Ras um Sid. A favourite place for snorkelling fans. Descent to the beach by long stairs or by elevator. Several beaches have cleared areas with a sandy entrance to the water for children.
  6. Sharm El Maya. An excellent choice for a family vacation: the bay is sheltered from the wind, has beautiful reefs, a wonderful view of the sea, and the largest water park in Sharm El Sheikh. In the evening, tourists walk through the Old Town with a large market.

Hot tours to Egypt from Chisinau are 10-15% cheaper than standard tours. The price includes flight, group transfer in Egypt, and travel insurance. Tourists independently choose rooms and meal formats in the catalogue of ANEX Tour travel agency.