09:18 14.11.2023

How to: Fireworks show to remember

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New Year is coming, and most of us are looking forward to New Year's Eve for unforgettable fireworks shows. It's no secret that fireworks are used not just by professionals but by amateurs worldwide. For the last ones, Saliutas, an international fireworks expert, is here to share useful guidelines for planning and executing a safe and successful fireworks show.

Step 1: Essential Equipment

  • Fireworks;
  • Fire extinguishers;
  • Buckets of water;
  • First aid kits;
  • Protective eyewear;
  • Suitable footwear;
  • Construction gloves;
  • Head protection;
  • Trash bags;
  • Timer or smartphone (optional).

Step 2: Safety First

Safety is the most crucial issue to think about before the fireworks show. No one wants the celebration to turn into a disaster and end up being seriously injured. Saliutas.lt experts emphasize the importance of protective clothing, including long pants (not easily flammable), long-sleeve shirts, socks, sturdy shoes, protective goggles, construction helmets, and gloves. All these items can be easily purchased in basically every hardware shop.

Remember always to keep lit fireworks in front of you and never turn your back on them. By facing the potential sources of danger, you will always be prepared to take immediate action if needed. Ensure fireworks can't tip over, and naturally avoid alcohol or drugs during the show. You can have your drink after the show.

Step 3: Location

The best choice would be a flat, unobstructed area farther away from buildings, electricity lines, and trees. If you plan a summer fireworks show, try evading high and dry grass. No fireworks show goes without spectators. Ensure the crowd is safe, ideally 100 -500 meters (depending on the volume of the wireworks that will be used) away from the launch site. Keep in mind wind speed and direction as well.

Step 4: Budgeting

Allocate a third to half of it for a grand finale. The show must be arranged to start slowly and grow in pace. Remember, the ending leaves the best and most lasting impression.

Step 5: Professional Help or DIY?

Depending on your budget, you can hire professionals from Saliutas.lt and forget about all the worries, or do it yourself. If DIY is your choice - read this article a few more times.

Step 6: The Grand Finale

As mentioned, the finale is the most crucial part of the show, and it's what people will remember the most. Use a mix of fireworks for a dazzling display.